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Posted 1 Mar 2001 at 22:48 UTC by steve Share This

There's still a lot of work to do to get this place into shape but we're making some progress. The site will be up 24x7 now and we'll try to keep posting news articles to keep things rolling while development and debugging continues.

Hopefully, we'll have nicer layouts and colors on the internal pages in the next day or two. I know the black on blue is hard to read. At present the mod_virgule software doesn't offer much in the way of formatting so I'm having to make a lot of changes to the code.

The next issue up will be what to do with mod_virgule's project capabilities. Do we leave it up to users to decide what a project is or should we rename it to "robots" and restrict it to descriptions of user's robots?

russian roulette with stylesheets, posted 2 Mar 2001 at 01:32 UTC by steve » (Master)

The last several hours we've gone through a dozen or so variations on the style sheet color scheme. Hopefully the site won't end up looking like an explosion in a paint factory...

Article header length, posted 2 Mar 2001 at 20:51 UTC by steve » (Master)

Looks like I need to either restrict the article titles to a shorter length or reduce the type size. Letting them wrap is out since the topic icon limits the header height to 50 pixels. Hmmm...

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