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How To Fly A Drone: 2019 Guide

Drones are becoming trendy in recent times. They have applications in different fields of life endeavor like in the professional photography and videography industry. Moreover, they are fast becoming the production gear of professional photographers and photographers and filmmakers. Aside More...

Japanese University Under Heat for Alleged Crypto Scam

Tax authorities in Japan launches an investigation on Meijo Gakuin Educational Corporation for allegedly embezzling funds to invest in cryptocurrency. Japanese newspaper The Mainichi reported that almost $1 million was lost in the investment scandal. [caption id="attachment_16533" align="alignnone" width="600"] Photo More...

Ultimate No Man’s Sky Game Tips & Cheats For PS4, Xbox, PC

  No Man’s Sky is known for its exciting game stories and challenging gameplay at the same time. Though it is undeniably satisfying when you finally completed the challenges or a mission. But, it can also be quite bothersome if More...

AI in Healthcare to Grow Up to $6.7 billion by 2021

A recent study conducted by Frost & Sullivan found out that AI systems would generate a whopping $6.7 billion from the healthcare industry alone by 2021. This is equivalent to a 40 percent annual growth rate from the market’s earned More...

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The possibilities are just limitless. Every day, the latest technological advancements transform the world and the way we live. As engineers and scientists continue to make discoveries and come up with new innovations at rocket speed, keeping up can be a real challenge. Here at, you will never be left out with the fresh and relevant content that we provide our readers.

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From learning how blockchain works to knowing about today’s must-have smart devices, we’ll give you the lowdown on everything that’s new in technology. The ever-growing library of articles and features on our site will make you an expert on topics such as:

Artificial Intelligence – Interested in how chatbots work? Want to know the difference between machine learning and deep learning? Then this category is for you.

Big Data – It’s more than just a tech buzzword. It refers to extremely large sets of information stored and analyzed to reveal patterns and trends, in order to serve specific purposes and tasks. Cloud computing falls under big data.

Cybersecurity – The unauthorized and criminal use of electronic data today appear to evolve hand-in-hand with the advancements they try to undermine. So it’s paramount to keep updated on data and mobile security at all times.

Financial Technology – Everyone seems to talk about blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies nowadays. This category will fill you in on technology supporting various banking and financial services.

Internet of Things – Computing devices embedded in everyday objects today are always interconnected, and we humans rely on them heavily in this age. Read on about our product reviews and write-ups on how stuff works.

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Computer – Enough said. Delve into our articles discussing software capabilities and gaming hacks in detail.

Virtual Reality – Computer-generated simulation and human interaction have never been so prevalent today. Learn more about AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality), and VR in this category.

All for Human and Robot Coexistence

Be in the loop and know how the latest developments in technology can help you do more in life. Let’s face it, the evolution of human life wouldn’t be a possibility if it weren’t for the innovations in technology as well. These two binaries have helped shape and improve each other through space and time. For instance, robotics has become quite a lucrative industry at present. Robots populate workplaces such as manufacturing and commercial warehouses, as companies tend to go fully automated in terms of production and operation. Bomb disposal units utilize robots in defusing explosives on-site, which ensures the safety of military and police officers on active duty. Lastly, just looking at the numerous devices and appliances present in every household proves without a doubt how technology helps us live a better life.
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