DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT complies with applicable parts of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, specifically the one for Internet Service Providers (17 U.S.C., Section 512). Thus, if you think that an image or content uploaded through this platform has committed any form of infringement, you can contact our designated agent at:

Targa Ltd

1F, 1-3 San Lau Street, Hung Hom,

Hong Kong


Notices concerning possible infringement by images or content posted on this platform should include the following:

A.) Signature of the owner or authorized person who wishes to act on an infringed copyright

B.) Description of the copyrighted image or content that is in question

C.) Contact details of the person tasked to act on the alleged infringed content. Also, a description of where in this platform or service the infringement happened

D.) A statement that proves that the use of the materials in question is unauthorized

E.) Proof that all information stated is true and evidence of the owner having the rights to the copyright of the material in question


Once a claim has been filed, it will take our team here at 5 to 10 business days to take down the content and material that is believed to be infringing on existing copyright laws.

Robots shall terminate the accounts (without notice) of individuals who are “repeat infringers”. These are people who have been notified for infringing activity more than twice or have removed infringing User Content more than twice.