Inclusivity at Robots

At, we firmly believe that diversity of thought and background contributes immensely to the richness of our community and the content we create. Our dedication to inclusivity is deeply embedded in every aspect of our operations, from content creation to community engagement.


Championing Diversity in Tech

In our mission to cover the vast landscape of technology, robotics, AI, and more, we make it a priority to amplify diverse voices. Recognizing that inclusivity fosters more innovative solutions and a more engaged community, we strive to present a multitude of perspectives that reflect the varied interests and backgrounds of our readers.


Mirroring Our Diverse Audience

Our team and network of contributors reflect the diversity we celebrate. It’s our aim for’s content to accurately represent the wide-ranging community we serve. This involves actively seeking out and including contributions from individuals and groups traditionally underrepresented in tech, ensuring our content is culturally aware and globally pertinent.


Embracing Continuous Evolution

Understanding that inclusivity is a journey rather than a destination, we are committed to ongoing education, feedback reception, and adaptation. Our editorial team is dedicated to regularly reviewing our content to eliminate bias and more fully embody our inclusivity ideals.


Collaborative Efforts with Inclusive Partners

Inspired by successful inclusivity initiatives across various sectors, we are keen on forging partnerships with organizations that champion underrepresented voices in technology and innovation. Through these partnerships, we aim to highlight diverse tech talents and perspectives, enriching our content and the experiences of our readers.


Inclusive Representation on Social Media

Our commitment to inclusivity extends to our social media presence, where we aim to showcase a broad spectrum of creators, with a special focus on elevating BIPOC voices within the tech community.


Valuing Your Voice

Your input is crucial to our mission. We encourage feedback from our readers, especially in relation to our inclusivity efforts. Should you have any insights, suggestions, or concerns, we invite you to contact us at