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Top Mini Split Air Conditioner For Summer

Costway Mini Split Air Conditioner

Do you feel the suffocating heat sneaking into your home during this awful summer season? Look no further! With the temperature rising high, you find it important to get the perfect fix to be able to cool and relax your home. That is the reason why this Costway 12000 BTU 17 SEER2 208-230V ductless mini split air conditioner has been designed.

It ensures rapid chilling and wide variation of breeze range. The innovative air appliance helps you to enjoy a cool breeze during the hottest summer heatwave. With its reputation for quality and affordable pricing, Costway introduces to you a solution that is not only for cooling but also for exceeding your needs.

Costway has more than 6000 SKUs and is dedicated to your satisfaction. So, it is your paradise for practical administrative convenience, stylish for the home, and outstanding service. Say goodbye to the sweats and discomfort of summer and hello to the cool, refreshing relief the Costway Mini Split Air Conditioner brings you.

Why Should You Trust Costway?

Beyond the traditional online retailer, Costway is your paradise of happy new finds! Costway goes beyond and earns the top position in the market of such products. This is because it is a manufacturer of high-quality home appliances, furniture, and more.

Brand philosophy is an important idea that one must constantly work on. This includes complete product range, production of high-quality items, and providing convenient and effective solutions. Costway offers over 6000 SKUs, which are now on sale, with rapid updates of the product categories. This enables it to ensure the quality of customer shopping experience.

Costway Mini Split Air Conditioner

Key Reasons to Buy Costway Mini Split Air Conditioner this Summer

The Costway 12000 BTU 17 SEER2 208-230V Ductless mini split air conditioner will provide you with a fast cooling effect and an adjustable airflow range. Even rooms up to 750 sq. ft will be comfortable in no time.

The air conditioner comes with a foldable air louver which can be adjusted according to the room’s cooling requirements. The powerful airflow from the device strategically distributes cool air within the room, thus enhancing air circulation and comfort.

This mini AC offers full functionality by featuring the 5 working modes which include fan, cool, heat, and dry. And there are 4 adjustable speeds also. Because of this, it lets you feel the customized comfort round-the-clock, regardless of the temperature outside.

Besides, energy saving mode enables energy-saving, hence, can reduce electricity bills. However, sleep mode and 24-hour-timer modes also keep a comfortable sleeping environment.

Now, we’ll look closely at features that make for a nice cooling experience that is easy to use.

1. Rapid Cooling and Wide Air Flow Range

It is a mini split air conditioner with an excellent cooling capacity of 12000 Btu. This makes it faster to cool the whole room, eliminating all the troubles brought about by summer heat. This device has a wide airflow range. This ensures that all places in your room get enough cool air.

2. Rapid Heating And Electronic Saving

The Costway Mini Split Air Conditioner offers quick heating features. This ensures that you stay warm even during the chilly winter season. Moreover, its Electronic Saving feature optimizes energy consumption. This promotes efficient working and a reduction in electricity bills.

3. 5 Modes and 4 Speeds for You to Choose

Unlike conventional air conditioners, the Costway Mini AC features different operating modes and speeds. This includes 5 operational modes and 4 speeds, which brings more convenience for the users.

This AC converts your space into a truly personal paradise with the functions of cooling, heating, fan, and drying. This split air conditioner is an ideal option for keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You can set your preferred temperature settings through a remote control.

4. Enjoy Comfortable Sleeping Environment

The mini split air conditioner by Costway allows sleep-mode function. This automatically adjusts the temperature to make the life of your night smooth as silk. The 24-hour timer allows you to set the unit to turn on or off whenever you want. This guarantees that you will be awake every morning feeling rested and strong.

Moreover, the superior inverter design enables a quiet operation with a maximum noise level of less than 41 dB. This won’t prevent you from sleeping peacefully during the night.

5. Easy to Maintain and Self-cleaning Function

Maintaining your Costway Mini Split Air Conditioner has become a breeze with its hassle-free auto-cleaning operating design. In this air purifier, the air filter is detachable, which makes washing and cleaning the air quality easy.

The machine has an auto-clean process which removes dirt and microscopic particles from the evaporator. This makes the machine efficient and effective.

Furthermore, the heater self-clean function goes up to 134.6℉. It has a high-temperature sterilization power to do away with bacteria and allergens. This ensures maximum hygiene in your home.

6. Remote Control and Installation Kit Included

Thanks to the enclosed remote control, changing the mini split air conditioner settings is easy and intuitive. Whether you are seated on the sofa or in bed, you can use one button to manipulate the temperature, mode, and fan speed.

Besides that, the unit has a complete installation kit with step-by-step instructions and tools. This makes installation even easier. Moreover, the compact design of the indoor and outdoor units makes installation a breeze.

7. Environmentally Friendly

R32 refrigerant, which provides open-air paths both on the outside and inside, is used. Hence, the air conditioner by Costway assures great air quality. In contrast, the competitors use old cooling compounds which have negative effects on the environment.

Nevertheless, Costway is a foremost symbol of going green with its sustainable solutions to promote environmental well-being and sustainability.

Services Provided by Costway

Costway promises irreplaceable guarantees and services to meet all the requirements of customers. When shopping with Costway+ Care, you can take advantage of the whole shopping experience. It incorporates fast delivery, top-notch customer service, a 30-day return guarantee, and privacy protection.

The product warranty guarantees that you can shop without worries. As a result, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your satisfaction is the core objective. The brand always keeps an eye on Costway reviews to evolve for the better.


In general, the Costway 12000 BTU 17 SEER2 AC provides you with a wide variety of useful characteristics. It features impressive rapid cooling, customizable settings, and simple maintenance operations. This small room air conditioner also uses its green design feature and the top-notch brand service

This mini split air conditioner is a one-stop solution for the comfort of regulative temperature, easy care, and mounting utility. Don’t let the heat get the better of you. Relish the misty breeze in your bedroom this summer with the Costway mini split air conditioner.

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