15 Best Minecraft Survival Servers You Should Check Out

Minecraft SMP

There are tons of ways to play Minecraft because of the game’s sandbox nature. However, one of the best ways to experience the best of the game is certainly through Minecraft survival servers. What are they and which server is the best for you to explore? Let’s find out.


What Is Minecraft SMP?

Minecraft SMP
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Minecraft has tons of game modes that new and old players alike can enjoy. There’s the base game that you can simply play through until you get to the “endgame” locations. Doing this just means you can simply play through the Minecraft vanilla servers without using any mods or downloads. 

On the other hand, you can also become a speedrunner and try reaching the ending as fast as you can. However, Minecraft is also fairly famous for being a sandbox-type game wherein you can create almost any world you want. For example, you can dedicate a world to become a large mini-game you create through the game’s engine. On the other hand, you can also simply build and re-create real-life monuments and landmarks.

Lastly, one of the best and most exciting methods to play the game is through multiplayer mode. It’s also called “survival multiplayer” or SMP for short. Minecraft survival servers like these let you enjoy all the survival aspects of the game with fellow Minecraft lovers. Whether they’re your real-life friends or strangers, you can all enjoy playing in one server together.

However, Minecraft survival servers aren’t always about survival, per se. Contrary to what the name implies, these servers can simply be based on whatever the player wants it to be. Hence, the term SMP can be a little vague as it doesn’t exactly pertain to survival mode. Sometimes, Minecraft survival servers simply exist as community servers where friends can hang out.


15 Best Minecraft Survival Servers You Should Check Out

What are some good survival servers on Minecraft? Now that you’re ready to jump in, here’s our server list of the 15 best Minecraft survival servers in 2021. 

Applecraft | Blockdrop Network | CubeCraft  | DatBlock | Herobrine | Hypixel | JartexNetwork | ManaCube | Mineplex | MineSuperior | MineVille | Pixelmon Reforged Server | Purple Prison | SurviveWithUs | The Mining Dead


1. Applecraft

Photo from Applecraft Official Website

IP Address:

One of the most popular Minecraft survival servers on our list is the Applecraft server. In fact, it’s so popular that it can have hundreds of players during peak hours. It’s certainly one of the best ways to experience the game and is best for more peaceful types. That’s because raiding and grieving other players are banned from the server. Moreover, moderators and staff try to actively keep things as raid-free as possible.

What makes Applecraft so special? Firstly, it features a somewhat unique experience through its gameplay mechanics. For example, it includes custom player shops/SetHomes for voting. On the other hand, it’s one of the best Minecraft vanilla servers for players who want the vanilla experience. It’s certainly still a survival game (with a parkour mini-game on the side). However, what’s great about it is you can play the vanilla version on a giant map in multiplayer.


2. Blockdrop Network

Photo from Blockdrop Network Official Website

IP Address:

Some of the best Minecraft survival servers focus not on one but many different gameplay mechanics. Blockdrop Network is one such server where you can create, have factions, play mini-games, survive, and more. However, its most prominent feature is certainly the game’s Bedwars mechanic.

Bedwars is a pretty simple game: all you need is to protect your bed while eliminating other players’ beds. It can be pretty fun and exciting, especially if you loved to play games like tag during childhood. On the other hand, Blockdrop Network has also recently added a new mode called “City Life.” This mode simply lets you play a simulator game like The Sims. Through it, you can rent apartments, find jobs, earn a living, and more. 


3. CubeCraft

Photo from CubeCraft Official Website

IP Address:

CubeCraft, one of the best Minecraft survival servers, isn’t about survival at all. In fact, it’s mostly about elaborate mini-games that players can engage in and leisurely enjoy. Within CubeCraft, you can enjoy a vast selection of well-made mini-games. There’s everything from parkour maps to tower defense and even SkyWars. Who says you had to leave Minecraft to play different kinds of games?

It’s Minecraft servers like CubeCraft that truly bring out the creativity Minecraft survival servers are so famous for. All you need to do is jump in and play to your heart’s content. No wonder it’s such a popular server! 


4. DatBlock

Photo from DatBlock Twitter Offical

IP Address:

One of the best Minecraft survival servers that bring you a variety of experiences is DatBlock. With it, you can experience multiplayer survival through multiple lenses. These could be the vanilla version of the game or something with a little extra oomph to it like Skyblock. 

However, being a variety server isn’t the only strong point DatBlock has. That’s because it also serves unique concepts through these survival experiences. For example, the server has DatEarth mode, a mode where you play on a map of the Earth. It even has geopolitical conflict among its towns and nations, so expect a bit of war. On the other hand, it also has DatMars where — you guessed it — you can play on an inhospitable planet. It’s like Mars, so yes, it might not be possible to survive — but you can have fun trying anyway.


5. Herobrine

Photo from Herobrine Minecraft Wiki

IP Address:

Minecraft survival servers have been around for a while and it’s part of why Minecraft has lasted this long. Herobrine is one of the originals that brings a classic multiplayer experience to all who may enter. It’s one of the best servers to play if you want great mini-games, a detailed environment, and bedwars.

Of course, bedwars within this server may seem redundant after having it in other servers already. However, we guarantee you loads of fun because the bedwars within Herobrine are unlike any other. Unconvinced? Check the server out for yourself and see how you like it.


6. Hypixel

Photo from Hypixel Official Website

IP Address:

One of the largest Minecraft survival servers in existence is probably Hypixel. If you’ve been around for a while, you might have heard that name before. That’s because it’s one of the most played Minecraft survival servers to date. Ever since it was created in 2013, players have been arriving non-stop. 

It’s pretty easy to see why once you step into the game. That’s because Hypixel caters to all types of Minecraft players. Whether you like competitive PvP or you want to relax and stay independent, Hypixel has something for you. Within the server, you can mine for diamonds, fight mobs, fight other players, or even create gigantic builds. There are about a dozen modes you can choose from through its handy inventory interface. Just pick one and you’re off.


7. JartexNetwork

Photo from JartexNetwork Official Website

IP Address:

If you want a high-quality variety survival server, then JartexNetwork might be the one for you. From the minute you log in, the server will feel extremely polished and well designed. All of the in-game modes were meticulously selected and the controls themselves are also fairly intuitive.

Moreover, JartexNetwork has everything you might want from an SMP like this. You can play mini-games, engage in survival gameplay, do PvP through factions, skyblock, and bedwars, and even play creatively. It’s the perfect one-size-fits-all kind of place and one of the best survival servers out there.


8. ManaCube

Photo from ManaCube Official

IP Address:

One of the unique Minecraft survival servers on this list is certainly ManaCube. Within its sprawling world, you can find most things you might expect from a server with variety. Namely, survival skyblock factions, parkour, creative gameplay, and more. 

However, it isn’t the variety that makes this server special. That’s because ManaCube is home to some of the most unique survival modes in the game. For example, the server has a cool island game mode wherein you have to survive on a submerged island. However, the tricky part is that you have to avoid the poisoned water that surrounds the area. On the other hand, ManaCube also has a prison-based server. Within it, you have to do your best to survive by making money, ranking up, and unlocking more areas.


9. Mineplex

Photo from Mineplex Official Website

IP Address: /

It’s not often you find Minecraft survival servers where you can have your own world. That’s because the server has to be big enough to feel like you own it. Having survival servers like that with tons of other players around is no easy feat. That is unless you’re playing within Mineplex.

Mineplex is the largest Minecraft server by far. It has tons of battle arenas, zones, and more for various game types. In fact, it’s so large that the server usually has thousands of players at any given time of the day. Some might even say it feels like a legitimate MMO with how large it is. Within the server, you can engage in PvP, engage in its version of Mario Kart, and more. 


10. MineSuperior

Photo from MineSuperior Forum Site

IP Address:

One of the best survival servers within Minecraft is certainly MineSuperior.  It’s one of the best out there if you’re after Minecraft 1.14 survival servers focused on skyblocks. That’s because it switches things up from what you usually experience in other Skyblock servers. However, the server also displays a bit of range as it also provides players with other game modes. 

On the other hand, fans of historical fantasy (or just history) might also want to check it out. The server is mainly crafted with a medieval theme in mind. Moreover, its recent Skyblock additions come in ancient Greek and Roman variants you certainly won’t want to miss.


11. MineVille

Photo from Minecraft Wiki

IP Address:

Minecraft survival servers come in all shapes and sizes and most of them offer multiple game modes at once. That’s certainly true for MineVille, a server where you might feel paralyzed by the number of choices you have. Of course, there’s your classic survival mode that MineVille nails (and almost perfects). 

However, you can play its other game modes, too. Moreover, what’s great about those modes is that there are tons of unexpected mechanics and twists. For example, you can find ancient trials, marriages, races, and even jobs in those modes. It even has custom enchantments in case you’re up for something more fantasy-oriented. If you’re already bored of all the other Minecraft survival servers, we highly encourage you to check this one out.


12. Pixelmon Reforged Server

Pixelmon Reforged Server
Photo from Pixelmon Reforged Official Website

IP Address:

If you’re a Pokemon and a Minecraft fan, this next pick should be one of your top choices. We’re talking about the Pixelmon Reforged Server — one of the best Pixelmon servers within the game. It has everything you might want in a Pokemon-Minecraft collaboration. Although it’s unofficial, it can very well feel like that already with how polished everything is.

However, it’s one of those servers where you need to have your Minecraft modded. You need to download and install the Pixelmon mod pack before you can play. Afterward, you can access over 850 Pokemon within the server! 

Pixelmon Reforged also has several other game modes up its sleeve. There are vanilla game modes for survival, creative, and even skyblock for fans of the base game. However, where it truly shines is in its Pokemon-like gameplay. 


13. Purple Prison

Purple Prison survival minecraft servers
Photo from Purple Prison Official Twitter

IP Address:

Have you ever wanted to break out of prison? While Purple Prison can’t promise to teach real-life jailbreak mechanics, it can offer tons of Prison-based fun. It’s one of the best Minecraft survival servers out there if you want something prison-themed.

The game starts players off by putting them in jail. Then, players need to earn enough money to free themselves and then survive in the large world ahead. Afterward, it feels very much like your standard survival PvP. However, it’s much more brutal than most other servers with a heavy focus on PvP and raiding. You can even make trade outposts, form gangs, create towns, and more. The real world is tough — but so is Purple Prison. 


14. SurviveWithUs

SurviveWithUs survival minecraft servers
Photo from SurviveWithUs Forum Site

IP Address:

What Minecraft servers have survival multiplayer, you ask? There are tons we’ve already mentioned on this list. However, one of the most popular Minecraft survival servers is undoubtedly SurviveWithUs. The name says it all and it delivers as one of the best and most high-quality survival multiplayer. 

Part of the reason why it’s so good is that there’s constant support for the server. It was created back in 2018 but it’s still receiving weekly updates even in 2021. Each plugin is even custom made thanks to the developers so you’re sure to have fun with high-quality gameplay.

Within the server, you’ll find that the game rewards those who know Minecraft’s core survival gameplay. Whether it’s gaining in-game money for killing mobs or land claiming for perpetual survival. If you’re willing to put your Minecraft survival skills to the test, SurviveWithUs is the best server to go for.


15. The Mining Dead

The Mining Dead survival minecraft servers
Photo from The Mining Dead Wikia

IP Address:

The regular survival experience in most survival servers can feel boring after a while. If that sounds like you, why not switch things up with “The Mining Dead” survival server? 

As you might have expected, this server is based on the famous TV show, “The Walking Dead.” The entire server is inspired by it and takes place in a post-apocalyptic zombie-ridden world. Of course, the main goal is still to survive. However, it’s pretty tricky because you start with zero inventory and have to wander through each desolate area for resources. Moreover, you have to fend off all the pesky zombies while you’re at it. 


Why Play Minecraft Survival Mode?

Minecraft is one of the best online games in the world and it’s no surprise why. Despite what the blocky exterior might have you think, the game is very deep and has tons to offer. You might even find yourself sinking hundreds of hours into the game without realizing it. However, if the base game is already great, why should you even consider trying Minecraft survival servers? There are several reasons we can think of but here are three of the biggest ones.


Fun Challenge

Any survival game poses a challenge to the player because it’s all up to you to build your strategy. How will you survive the days and gather your resources? What can you do to fend off the enemies (and other players) lurking about seeking to kill you? 

It’s a battle of wits and skill and truly puts your mind to the test. Moreover, there aren’t exactly any real-world consequences (apart from rage-quitting and destroying your keyboard). It’s the perfect way to test your abilities and have fun while you’re at it. 


Tons of Variety

Minecraft survival servers come in so many shapes and forms that it’s nearly impossible to sift through all of them. There are large and small survival servers, with each one lovingly created by some passionate player. Moreover, each one has some kind of theme or mechanic that can attract different kinds of players.

For example, some Minecraft survival servers focus more on a multiplayer vanilla experience. Others try to crank things up a notch by adding medieval themes or mechanics from other games. Some have the sims, others have Pokemon, and there are many more with creative world-building that you might otherwise miss. If you’re bored of the base game and want some variety, it’s one of the best ways to find change.


Fun with Friends and the Community

Lastly, one of the biggest benefits of Minecraft survival servers is that they’re extremely fun to play with friends. Minecraft is great already as an individual game for single players. However, there’s tons of fun to be had when you’re playing with like-minded individuals. Moreover, you can even invite your friends and play together. 


How to Make Your Own Minecraft Survival Server

If you already love Minecraft survival servers, you might want to dabble in creation. After all, what better way to culminate your love for the game than by creating your own rendition? If you’re new to this, here’s how to create a survival server in Minecraft with the Java Edition.

Survival Minecraft Server
Photo from Minecraft Survival 1.8.8 FB Page


Step 1: Download Minecraft Java Edition

Firstly, hosting a custom server will require you to have Minecraft Java Edition. Pocket, Windows 10, or console versions won’t cut it, so make sure to buy and download the Java Edition first.


Step 2: Download the Latest Java Version

Secondly, it’s time to make sure you have the latest version of Java. You can install the latest edition here. The steps to download the program would be similar to how you’d normally download other software. 

Simply click on the download button on the website and agree to its terms and conditions. Afterward, run the JavaSetup executable file from within your downloads folder. Then, allow the app to make changes to your computer and hit the Install button on the installer.


Step 3: Download the Minecraft Server

Next, it’s time to download the Server.jar file from the Minecraft website. Download the link that says minecraft_server.1.17.1.jar (Note: the number might change based on the latest version). 


Step 4: Create a New Folder

Afterward, create a new folder on your desktop where you can host all of the files. You can name this “Minecraft Server” or the name you want for your project. Then, go back to the downloads folder and copy-paste the Server.jar file in your newly created Minecraft folder. Afterward, right-click on the copied file and click on “Open” to run it. This should populate the folder with the necessary files to run the application. 


Step 5: Launch the Server

Next, open the eula.text file created in the folder and change the line “eula=false” to “eula=true.” Afterward, go to the notepad’s File menu and hit Save. Then, go back to the server.jar file, right-click on it, and then hit “Open.” This should open a window that should indicate that you’ve officially launched a new server.

At this point, you can already play on the server with friends who have the same internet connection as you. Congratulations and have fun!


Optional: How to Set Difficulty

The difficulty level is one of those server features in Minecraft that truly add spice to the gameplay. Some might want more peaceful game modes while others want more of a challenge. Regardless of which type you are, here’s how to set the difficulty for your server. 

Take note that you can only do this if you’re already a server operator. Otherwise, you can’t make these changes without the necessary permissions. Without further ado, here’s how to change your server’s difficulty: 

  1. Enter the Minecraft server.
  2. Launch the chat and type in: /difficulty <difficulty mode>
    1. Note: <difficulty mode> can either be peaceful, easy, normal, or hard
    2. E.g. /difficulty hard

With that, you’ve finally set your game’s difficulty level. Enjoy your new world that’s either peaceful or run amok with enemies! 


Final Word

Playing in Minecraft survival servers is extremely fun. All you need is the server IP and the right downloads to get things started. It’s certainly one of the best ways to experience the game if you’re tired of playing alone. Moreover, it’s a great way to truly sink your teeth into all the creative gameplay mechanics a server offers. What’s more, it’s a great way to “socialize” without having to step outside.

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