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Minecraft for Nintendo Switch Review: Why This Is the Best Version Yet

Minecraft on switch review

The Minecraft Switch Bedrock Edition has been out for a while with new updates and features that the original didn’t have. There’s more content, new crossplay capabilities, and overall performance improvements that make it better all around. However, just because there are improvements to a game doesn’t mean it automatically becomes a worthy investment. 

Is the Minecraft Switch Bedrock edition worth your time and money? Here’s everything you need to know before you purchase it.


Minecraft for Switch Review

Minecraft Switch
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A couple of years have passed since the original Minecraft Switch Edition was released. However, the first version lacked the usual punch the original PC game had. Thankfully, the Nintendo Switch Edition has since been replaced by the Minecraft Switch Bedrock edition, now simply called Minecraft. 

Between these two Minecraft versions, the Bedrock edition is newer and shinier with a lot more features. It turned up its game compared to the Nintendo Switch Edition with more features, capabilities, and more. There are some who even claim that it provides the full Minecraft experience, standing up against even the PC version’s Java Edition. 

Conversely, if you’ve been a long-time fan of the PC version, we understand if you feel a little skeptical. After all, the Switch doesn’t exactly provide the powerful performance high-end gaming PCs can. What can guarantee that the Switch is even capable of running the best of Minecraft? For that, we have to look at the nitty-gritty of the Minecraft Switch version and examine all its different parts. 


The Same Core

Same Core
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Minecraft Switch Bedrock plays much like the game you experience on PC, Xbox, and other platforms. At its core, it’s a sandbox adventure/survival game that focuses on crafting, building, and exploration. 

In survival mode, you’d usually search for and mine materials during the day to help you build shelters and survive. As you progress, you obtain more materials and items that help you fight off monsters that emerge at night. Over time, you’ll hopefully get better items, mine better materials, and craft better builds. Eventually, you might find yourself with a full-on fortress that protects you from whatever may come your way.

However, this isn’t the only gameplay Minecraft has to offer. The reason why it’s so popular and has had its fans playing for years is that Minecraft feels limitless. There are numerous things to do, explore, see, and discover as you clock in hundreds of hours into the game. Throughout your journey, you can explore different worlds and discover towns, places, and fight enemies scattered everywhere. 

In addition, you can even brew potions and enchantments, trade with villagers, and explore ruins along the way. If you somehow get bored by all of these down the road, you can explore different realms like the Nether. Fight your way against what feels like final bosses and gloat to your friends as you emerge victorious.


Survival Mode & Creative Mode

Creative Mode
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Apart from the usual survival mode of Minecraft for Switch, there’s also the creative mode for aspiring builders and wannabe architects. This mode is where you truly get to experience Minecraft’s building capabilities. It never runs out of resources so you can build and craft to your heart’s content. 

This mode is much like unlimited Lego but is more intricate and complex. You can build everything from humble houses to gigantic structures, as long as you have the patience. Best of all, enemies don’t attack and you won’t have to worry about survival stats like hunger or health. 

There is also an adventure mode where the world is more linear and RPG-like. It does prevent you from crafting as freely as in survival or creative mode. However, you can craft the basics and find materials scattered throughout the world within chests. 



Minecraft Content
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While Minecraft Switch Bedrock’s core is similar to the Minecraft Java Edition, it does have its differences content-wise. For example, Minecraft Switch received the first pass for Update Aquatic earlier than the Java Edition. Moreover, it has a local multiplayer mode of up to four players—a nice touch for couch co-op fans.

Furthermore, the Minecraft Switch version comes with a Realms feature. This allows you to create worlds that you can exclusively access with ten other players of your choice. However, it does cost real money, and it gets pricier the longer you access it. It’s not for everybody, but some Minecraft enthusiasts might want to take a look.

Unfortunately, Minecraft on Switch isn’t always perfect either because some content has been cut from this version. For instance, there are none of the new fighting mechanics or shields in this version of the game. Additionally, there’s no F3 menu for extra information and no advancements system.

Another major difference that the Minecraft Switch version has is the fact that it’s missing mod capabilities. However, most console games don’t exactly allow for mods the way PCs do, so it’s somewhat understandable. Nonetheless, mods are a big part of Minecraft and you’re missing out on a lot without them.

Furthermore, Minecraft for Switch requires you to use a Microsoft Account. It feels a little strange given that it’s what you’d normally do on an Xbox One. However, this does open you up to multiple packs in the Minecraft store. 

This store is like a Minecraft marketplace where you can spend money on different add-ons. For example, you can find various Resource Packs, Map Packs, Skins, and Behavior Packs to enhance your gameplay. You can even purchase different worlds made by other players to add more variety. 



In terms of gameplay, Minecraft Switch feels a lot like the Minecraft you know and love. There are so many places to explore, things to do, and ways to strengthen yourself that you can play forever. Moreover, with so many updates that have come over the last nine years, you’ll never tire of the game.

However, there are a couple of notable differences when it comes to gameplay. For example, there’s a clear performance improvement in Minecraft for Switch. The world renders much faster so you don’t have to wait too long for it to load. Furthermore, it fixes a couple of bugs and inconveniences that you might normally find in the Java Edition.

On the flip side, there are also some neutral/negative differences like the debugged version of Redstone. While this does make things easier for newer players, it’s a little disappointing if you’re a Minecraft veteran. That’s because many people exploit the bugs in Redstone to create more complex builds. You’ll survive without it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss it.



© Photo by Polygon

Crossplay across PC and Nintendo Switch is possible. You can easily download your progress from your PC into the Switch, provided that it’s also the Bedrock edition. It’s a great way to make sure you can pick up where you left off so you won’t lose progress. 



© Photo by Nintendo

The Multiplayer mode lets you enjoy Minecraft with your friends, granting access to your mates to visit and explore your world. The same is true the other way around if you want to visit your friends’ worlds. 

Furthermore, you’re not limited to the console your friends are using because the Bedrock edition is cross-compatible. As long as your friends have Bedrock on their consoles, you can play together anytime. It’s even compatible with more obscure platforms, such as mobile, Fire OS, Fire TV, Samsung Gear VR, and Apple TV.


How Much Is Minecraft for Switch?

Minecraft Switch on nintendo
© Photo by Nintendo

Before you hit that Minecraft download button, you’ll need to take the price into consideration. After all, re-purchasing the game may be unnecessary if you already own it on a PC or other platforms. Do you truly need to buy it for the Nintendo Switch? 

Like most other things, there isn’t a clear-cut answer to this question. Minecraft for Nintendo Switch costs $29.99, which is decent for the sheer amount of content you get. It provides great content and gameplay, especially if you’re aiming for crossplay and multiplayer. Above all, it gives you the full Minecraft experience right on a hand-held console that you can take anywhere. 

If this is going to be your first Minecraft purchase, the Switch version is certainly worth the asking price. While it does lack mods and server-based experiences, what it offers can easily make up for what it’s missing. 

Buy Minecraft Switch on Nintendo eShop for $29.99


The Verdict on Minecraft Switch Bedrock

Overall, Minecraft for Nintendo Switch is a great game to play for anyone who likes adventure, crafting, and survival games. In fact, it’s the perfect introduction if you’re new to Minecraft. The game delivers some of the best performance and gameplay experiences anyone can ask for. Moreover, it’s a great choice if you want to try multiplayer with other console users.

However, it isn’t the most ideal version of the game if you’re in it for the modding community. That’s because it doesn’t support mods the way the Java Edition does. Moreover, Minecraft Switch lacks the server-based gameplay many Minecraft fans enjoy. 

If you’re looking for a game that’s more community-based, go for the regular Java Edition on PC. However, if you have a Switch and want the core Minecraft experience with multiplayer and crossplay, it’s the best choice. 

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