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10 Best AI Homework Helper Tools to Get Instant Homework Help

10 Best AI Homework Helper Tools to Get Instant Homework Help

Advancements in AI technology have made it possible for students to get comprehensive homework help outside of the classroom. AI homework help tools are specifically designed to save students time by providing easy-to-understand explanations and accurate solutions to homework questions.

If you’re looking for an AI homework helper to help you excel in your studies, you’ve come to the right place. Here in this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best AI homework help tools on the market.

10 Best AI Homework Help Tools

  1. HIX Tutor – Best AI Homework Helper Overall
  2. ExamUp – Best AI Homework Helper for Any Subject
  3. Genius Tutor – Best AI Homework Helper for Detailed Support
  4. Question AI – Best AI Homework Helper for High Accuracy
  5. HomeworkAI – Best AI Homework Helper for Flexible Input Options
  6. AI Math – Best AI Homework Helper for Math Learning
  7. Brainly – Best AI Homework Helper for Personalized Homework Help
  8. OddityAI – Best AI Homework Helper for Essay Writing
  9. AI Tutors – Best AI Homework Helper for Mobile Use
  10. StudyMonkey – Best AI Homework Helper for Homework Review

1. HIX Tutor – Best AI Homework Helper Overall

HIX Tutor

HIX Tutor is a homework AI that can help you relieve your homework stress. This leading AI homework helper provides students with step-by-step solutions that clearly explain how to solve the problem in detail.

This AI tutor tool harnesses the power of GPT models with custom enhancements to provide accurate homework help. It covers a wide range of subjects, including math, physics, chemistry, biology and literature, and caters to students from high school through college-level.

HIX Tutor is a convenient assignment aid that is available 24/7 for comprehensive homework help. Just run the homework problem through the sophisticated tool and it will instantly prepare a reliable solution.


  • Covers all subjects, including foreign languages.
  • Boosts productivity.
  • Can help students prepare for exams.


  • Requires users to upgrade to a paid subscription for unlimited usage.

Get started with HIX Tutor today!

2. ExamUp – Best AI Homework Helper for Any Subject


ExamUp is a powerful homework AI tool for assistance with nearly any school subject, from math and physics to literature and geography. ExamUp boasts a 99% accuracy rate, giving its users confidence that the solutions they receive are accurate.

ExamUp generates in-depth answers which can help students gain a deep understanding of their assignments and build key skills in a wide range of subjects. It can offer help for students struggling for last-minute exam preparation or a particularly tricky homework question.

You try ExamUp at no cost with the tool’s free trial. To continue using the AI homework helper unlimitedly, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription.


  • Can help keep students motivated to learn.
  • Explains concepts found in textbooks.
  • Offers a personalized learning experience.


  • Limited free trial.
  • No mobile app available.

Discover how ExamUp can help you with your homework!

3. GeniusTutor – Best AI Homework Helper for Detailed Support


GeniusTutor is an AI homework helper that can dive deep into the concepts and formulas required to solve problems. It is able to promote comprehension by providing students with detailed explanations of their homework questions.

The AI homework help tool provides a step-by-step breakdown that is tailored to the question at hand. With this powerful homework AI, its users can easily solve hard homework problems in many subjects, such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and even foreign languages.

You can experiment with GeniusTutor’s capabilities for free, no credit card required. With its budget-friendly subscription plans and focus on accessibility, GeniusTutor provides a comprehensive yet affordable AI tutoring assistance for your study.


  • Key rules, theorems, and formulas are highlighted.
  • Geared toward high school and college students.
  • Offers a free trial and budget-friendly subscriptions.


  • May have difficulty reading messy handwriting of uploaded documents/images.

Explore the capabilities of Genius Tutor for greater success!

4. Question AI – Best AI Homework Helper for High Accuracy

Question AI

Question AI is a powerful AI homework helper that assists students with all types of study tasks. Many students rely on this innovative AI homework helper to get in-depth solutions to challenging homework problems or prepare for important exams.

The AI homework tool uses advanced AI learning models to analyze complex homework questions and generate rapid responses with 98% accuracy. Question AI can also answer questions in over 100 languages so you can get your homework help in your own languages.

The innovative tool offers multiple flexible input options. Simply type in the homework question or upload an image or document of the problem, and Question AI will analyze your question and provide the accurate answer.


  • Get homework help 24/7.
  • Covers math, chemistry, biology, and more.
  • Users can try it at no cost.


  • Free plan is restricted

Try Question AI and see how it helps you find the right solutions!

5. HomeworkAI – Best AI Homework Helper for Flexible Input Options


Ease of use is an important factor when selecting an AI homework help tool. HomeworkAI is a robust AI-powered homework help platform that offers maximum flexibility by supporting a variety of file formats. Type in the homework question directly or upload a text file, such as a DOC, DOCX, PDF, or an image file like PNG or JPEG.

HomeworkAI is able to instantly deliver step-by-step solutions that help students tackle their assignments in a fraction of the time it would normally take without AI help. It can act as an on-demand virtual tutor available 24/7. And its user-friendly features and accurate responses have helped many students reduce stress and boost performance.


  • Tailored to all education levels.
  • Can analyze and provide feedback on textbook material.
  • Helps students prepare for exams.


  • Does not offer a mobile app.
  • Does not accept the uploads of large documents.

Leverage the power of HomeworkAI for all of your school assignments!

6. AI Math – Best AI Homework Helper for Math Learning

AI Math

AI Math is an AI-powered tool for students who need extra help improving their math skills. The innovative AI homework help tool covers all branches of math, including but not limited to, arithmetic, geometry, calculus, and trigonometry.

The sophisticated AI math helper has a 99% accuracy rate and generates responses in over 30 languages. It is also available 24/7 to give students assistance with homework anytime, anywhere.

More than just providing a final answer, AI Math walks students through each step of the homework question to facilitate a deeper understanding of the topic. This can result in an overall better learning experience.


  • Dedicated to providing all kinds of math study help.
  • Free to get started.
  • Accessible 24/7.


  • Only provides AI math help.

Get comprehensive math support with AI Math!

7. Brainly – Best AI Homework Helper for Personalized Homework Help


Brainly is more than just an AI homework tool. It’s a vast community that supports students struggling with assignments.

The AI homework help tool offers both an AI tutor and live expert explanations. Brainly is also improving all the time, with AI-generated study sets coming soon to help students prepare for tests.

Brainly promotes a Scan to Solve homework approach. Download the free app onto your iOS or Android device and use your camera to take a photo of the question. Within seconds, the AI homework helper will deliver a detailed explanation.

It’s free to sign up and start using Brainly. Its subscription plans include a semi-annual subscription for $18 billed every 6 months and an annual plan for $24 billed once a year.


  • Caters to students, parents, and educators.
  • Provides expert-verified answers.
  • Users can scan to solve homework questions.


  • Requires a paid subscription after the free trial.
  • The interface can be difficult to navigate.

8. OddityAI – Best AI Homework Helper for Essay Writing


OddityAI maximizes student learning by covering a wide range of subjects, including English, history, science, and more. This AI homework tool utilizes advanced AI algorithms that rapidly generate step-by-step explanations on a user-friendly interface.

One of the OddityAI’s best features is its help with essay writing. This homework AI tool allows you to generate essay ideas, improve sentences, and assess work. OddityAI is also equipped with spell and grammar checks to help you create error-free content.

OddityAI is free to try. For unlimited access, you’ll need to subscribe to its $9.99/ month subscription plan. The AI homework help tool also offers a buy as you go option for $4.99 for 150 uses.


  • Offers 10 free uses.
  • Can upload pictures and instantly get answers.
  • Save time on complex assignments.


  • May generate hard-to-understand responses sometimes.

9. AI Tutors – Best AI Homework Helper for Mobile Use

AI Tutors

AI Tutors is a learning platform that can provide convenient homework help when it comes to doing homework on the go. It offers mobile apps to download, and once you’ve installed it on your phone, you can start asking homework questions immediately.

If you can’t find the solution to a question, AI Tutors will connect you to a live tutor in real time via Zoom who will walk you through the problem. Live tutors have extensive experience in many subjects, ensuring credible solutions to homework questions.

To start using AI Tutors, you need to create a free account. You’ll then have the option to create a detailed homework request post. Students can choose how much to offer for each question with a minimum price of $1.


  • The app is available for Android and iOS devices.
  • Offers tools like Google Translate and a plagiarism checker.
  • Has a user-friendly interface.


  • Live tutors may not always know the answers.
  • Students must sign up to try the tool.

10. StudyMonkey – Best AI Homework Helper for Homework Review


StudyMonkey serves as your personal AI tutor in a wide range of subjects, such as algebra, history, math, language, computer science, and more.

The ChatGPT homework tool alternative allows you to choose a grade level from first grade to expert level to ensure the accuracy of solutions. You can also check the history of the questions you previously asked to verify their answers or prepare for upcoming exams.


  • Students can see and study their past questions and answers.
  • The tool offers detailed steps and explanations.
  • Users can ask unlimited questions for just $8 per month.


  • The free plan limits users to 3 daily questions.

Wrapping Up

AI homework helper tools are rapidly transforming the way students and educators approach homework and exams. The 10 AI homework helpers we’ve listed above are user-friendly tools that expedite the learning process, enabling students to better understand key concepts and solve difficult problems.

Among these tools, our most recommended one is HIX Tutor. It offers a personalized and interactive experience that taps into the potential of students. This leading AI homework helper uses cutting-edge technology to make everything easier in homework and study, making them excel in a wide range of subjects.

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