Add news on your site! news headlines are available in RSS format at They can be syndicated using most conventional RSS tools.

Most content management systems provide an easy way to add RSS news feeds, just give them the URL above and you're done. You can also use that URL to subscribe most desktop RSS news aggregators to our news feed.

You can also add headlines to your site using our twitter newsfeed.

If your website doesn't include any RSS tools, asked your webmaster for help. If you're really stuck, you can try this very old PERL script. It should work on webservers with a cgi-bin directory, PERL support, and Server-Side Includes.

Here are some other methods of putting RSS news feeds such as the headlines on your webpage if you need to use a DIY approach:

  • CafeRSS: A simple PHP script to add RSS feeds to your webpages

  • getrss: A small Ruby script that can grab one or more RSS feeds and output them in HTML format.

  • Yanf (Yet Another News Fetcher): A news fetcher written in C that can output HTML

  • Jonah: A PHP/Horde application that aggregates multiple RSS feeds and generates a portal-like web site from them.

  • phpfeed: A PHP-based RSS display system for web sites.

  • XML-RSS-Tools: A Perl module you can use to develop a customized RSS app for your website

Other sites Syndicating news

If you've syndicated the newsfeed on your web site, let us know and we'll add a link to your website here.