built by Johan Van den Brande

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Target Environment Locomotion Method
Indoors 2 Wheels
Sensors / Input Devices Actuators / Output Devices
2 line sensor
1 object sensor
proprioceptive sensor
2 mini servo motors
Control Method Power Source
Autonomous Battery
CPU Type Operating System
Atmel ATMega8 None
Programming Lanuage Weight
BASIC 20 grams
Time to build Cost to build
25x25x25 mm N/A
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Killerbee is a nano sumo bot. These bots have a maximum dimension of 25x25x25 mm and must wheigh less than 25 grams. The idea behind sumo bots is to build a robot a that competes against another robot by trying to push the opponent out of a sumo ring.

Killerbee is build around a custom gearbox made from two small hobby servos. Here's a photo that compares the nano sumo gearbox to a pen-racer car.

The exterior of Killerbee are PCBs that also contain the electronics. The PCBs are 0.5 mm thick and single sided. The necessary paint provides the finishing thouch.

The custom connector is a standard 2.54 mm pitch female header connector. It provides the ISP interface, a serial interface and the charging interface. A small SMD switch allows one to switch on/off the bot.

Killerbee has an ATMega8 as its brains. This MCU runs at 16Mhz.

The front object sensor is an is471f from sharp. The IR sources are two surface mount IR LEDs. Both line sensors on the bottom plate are gp2s40. Power to all IR sources can be turned on or off. This is a major power saver, given the very small battery.

The proprioceptive sensor measures the voltage on the battery, by measuring the voltage drop over a constant voltage source - being 3 diodes put in series. Again, power to this voltage source can be turned of for power savings.

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