built by Helio Fernandes Vieira

Target Environment Locomotion Method
Sensors / Input Devices Actuators / Output Devices
2 IR sensors
1 light sensor
1 IR floor sensor
2 Futaba 303 R/C servos
Sound synthesizer
Control Method Power Source
Autonomous Battery
CPU Type Operating System
None None
Programming Lanuage Weight
None N/A
Time to build Cost to build
N/A 110 US
URL for more information
TEDDY was disigned as a kit for school level children but i already saw adults playing with it. TEDDY has a very simple configuration but its very very eficient. His function is act like a cricket. When he feels light he walks finding for a dark place avoiding almost all kind of obstacles as walls, fornitures, persons, stairs etc... and when he reaches there he stops and sounds as a perfect cricket. His assemble requires no soldering its all plugable and there is no possibility to invert connections and polarities. He has variable body colors and some more functions will be included in next model. His brain is 2 IC4011 conected in a logical net that allows the rebot to be able to execute more them 10 logical functions it means that for each sensor input he can has more them one possibility as he has 4 sensors in total. For sound it uses a sintetized circuit with a piezzo transducer for a clear cricket sound emition.

Email: Helio.Fernandes@sita.int

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