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AI4U means that the following four free

AI programs are available for your robot:

is the Tutorial AI Mind program in JavaScript

for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE).

is the Russian-language AI Mind in JavaScript.

is the English AI Mind for robots in (free) Win32Forth

or (not-free) 64-bit Intel iForth for supercomputers.

is the Germaqn-language Wotan Supercomputer AI

in 32-bit Win32Forth or in 64-bit Linux iForth.

Recent blog entries by AI4U

Mentifex Joins Numenta HTM Forum

Mentifex makes AI Minds in Forth for robots and in Perl for webservers. Searching recently for discussion on how the mind works, Mentifex found and joined the discussion forum of Numenta, which Mentifex had written about in a Slashdot story in 2005. Stay tuned for further developments.

Mentifex on predictive textlike brain mechanism

The predictive textlike brain mechanism mentioned in the article works perhaps because each word as a concept has many associative tags over to other concept-words frequently used in connection with the triggering word. A similar neural network of associative tags is at work in the Mind.Forth Strong AI which has been ported into Strawberry Perl 5 and which you may download free-of-charge in order to study the Theory of Mind depicted in the diagram below also available as an animated brain-mind GiF:
./^^^^^^^\..SEMANTIC MEMORY../^^^^^^^\
| Visual. | .. syntax ..... |Auditory |
| Memory..| .. /..\---------|-------\ |
| Channel.| . ( .. )function|Memory | |
| . . . . | .. \__/---/ . \ | . . . | |
| . /-----|---\ |flush\___/ | . . . | |
| . | . . | . | |vector | . | .word | |
| ._|_ .. | . v_v_____. | . | .stem | |
| / . \---|--/ . . . .\-|---|--/ .\ | |
| \___/ . | .\________/ | . | .\__/ | |
| percept | . concepts _V . | .. | .| |
| . . . . | . . . . . / . \-|----' .| |
| . . . . | . . . . .( . . )| ending| |
| . . . . | inflection\___/-|->/..\_| |
| . . . . | . . . . . . . . | .\__/.. |
Syntax generates thought from concepts.
AI Mind Maintainer jobs will be like working in a nuclear power plant control room.

Ghost Perl AI uses the AudListen() mind-module to detect keyboard input.

Yesterday we may have finally learned how to let the Ghost Perl AI think indefinitely without stopping to wait for a human user to press "Enter" after typing a message to the AI Mind. We want the Perlmind only to pause periodically in case the human attendant wishes to communicate with the AI. Even if a human types a message and fails to press the Enter-key, we want the Perl AI to register a CR (carriage-return) by default and to follow chains of thought internally, with or without outside influence from a human user.

Accordingly today we create the AudListen() module in between the auditory memory modules and the AudInput() module. We move the new input code from AudInput() into AudListen(), but the code does not accept any input, so we remove the current code and store it in an archival test-file. Then we insert some obsolete but working code into AudListen(). We start getting primitive input like we did yesterday in the program. Then we start moving in required functionality from the MindForth AI, such as the ability to press the "Escape" key to stop the program.

Eventually we obtain the proper recognition and storage of input words in auditory memory, but the AI is not switching over to thinking. Instead, it is trying to process more input. Probably no escape is being made from the AudInput() loop that calls the AudListen() module. We implement an escape from the AudInput() module.

The program is now able take in a sentence of input and generate a sentence of output, so we will upload it to the Web. We still need to port from MindForth the code that only pauses to accept human input and then goes back to the thinking of the AI.

Machine Translation by Artificial Intelligence

As an independent scholar in polyglot artificial intelligence, I have just today on March 21, 2017, stumbled upon a possible algorithm for implementing machine translation (MT) in my bilingual Perlmind and MindForth programs. My Ghost Perl AI thinks heretofore in either English or Russian, but not in both languages interchangeably. Likewise my Forth AI MindForth thinks in English, while its Teutonic version Wotan thinks in German.

Today like Archimedes crying "Eureka" in the bathtub, while showering but not displacing bath-water I realized that I could add an associative tag mtx to the flag-panel of each conceptual memory engram to link and cross-identify any concept in one language to its counterpart or same concept in another language. The mtx variable stands for "machine-translation xfer (transfer)". The AI software will use the spreading-activation SpreadAct module to transfer activation from a concept in English to the same concept in Russian or German.

Assuming that an AI Mind can think fluently in two languages, with a large vocabulary in both languages, the nub of machine translation will be the simultaneous activation of semantically the same set of concepts in both languages. Thus the consideration of an idea expressed in English will transfer the conceptual activation to a target language such as Russian. The generation modules will then generate a translation of the English idea into a Russian idea.

Inflectional endings will not pass from the source language directly to the target language, because the mtx tag identifies only the basic psi concept in both languages. The generation modules of the target language will assign the proper inflections as required by the linguistic parameters governing each sentence being translated.

Seed AI code structures to be implemented

In the last two days [15&16.FEB.2017] I have been figuring out that responses generated from the VisRecog module should be assigned a high truth value, because "seeing is believing."

In January 2017 I figured out that preterite assertions like "Roger is here" should default to a very low truth value.

So maybe now I have garnered two building blocks of the Full AI; Compleat AI; Terminal AI; Advanced AI; Whatever AI. I need a term to express the idea that it will no longer be a partial AI. It will be an AI as the completion of my lifework. Maybe I should call it the Seed AI. That term has been bruited about for a decade or more and it may now fit the bill for what I have been doing.

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