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This edition of best robot photos of the week includes some shots of the Robot Dance Party bot at the San Francisco Pride Parade. There are also pics of a variety of student-built robots ranging from RoboCup bots to ROVs. There's robot graffiti from Reykjavik and the usual assortment of art bots. Every week we post a collection of the best robot photos submitted by our readers to our flickr group. Why? Because everyone likes to see cool new robots! Want to see your robot here? Post it to flickr and add it to the flickr group. It's easy! If you're not already a flickr member, it's free and easy to sign up. Read on to see the best robot photos of the week!

Pride SF 2013
Pride SF 2013 - photo by flickr user thewinniewu
San Francisco, CA

Pride Robot Dance Party
Pride Robot Dance Party - photo by flickr user Jackie Link
Pride parade, San Francisco, 2013

Military Style
Military Style - photo by flickr user Ikhlasul Amal
Indonesia ICT Award (INAICTA) 2011.

BvOF RoboCup2013 - RoboCup@Work
BvOF RoboCup2013 - RoboCup@Work - photo by flickr user RoboCup@Work
some give numbers, others give faces to their small size soccer robots (from CSC Zhejiang University Hangzhou China), at RoboCup 2013 in Eindhoven (NL)

BvOF RoboCup2013 - Soccer small size
BvOF RoboCup2013 - Soccer small size - photo by flickr user RoboCup2013

Silver Sis Mini Robot Sculpture
Silver Sis Mini Robot Sculpture - photo by flickr user HerArtSheLoves
Robot sculpture combining polymer clay, wire woven into coil springs, reclaimed techie bits, varnish and a little heart handmade by HerArtSheLoves.

robot invasion?
robot invasion? - photo by flickr user ekelly80
Graffiti at a skatepark in Reykjavik

Robot mecalectro
Robot mecalectro - photo by flickr user gille monte ruici
The head is constitued by an electromagnet. The body is an old examiner of movies, and the legs are two cleaned tea box.

Proud Team Got Their Robot Working First
Proud Team Got Their Robot Working First - photo by flickr user ppoggio2
Michelle and her team were the first to build and test a successful tethered underwater robot.

Robot Attack!
Robot Attack! - photo by flickr user Chris Nellis
Robot Overseer Attacks with mixed results.

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