Floating avatar, aerial telepresence robot

Posted 15 May 2011 at 19:38 UTC by IKE_RobotsPodcast Share This


Tobita Hiroaki and his colleagues at Sony Computer Science laboratory have an interesting approach in telepresence robotics, a small blimp that projects an avatar video image on its envelope. NewScientist (source of the video above) reports that apart from the obvious fun factor of talking to what appears to be a giant floating head, this kind of telepresence robot could avoid the limitations of wheeled robots. However it is difficult for indoor blimps to dominate this market, their movement isn’t very accurate and they could be a bit ungainly. However they are very lifelike and people usually have a positive response towards them.
For more information you can read the article from NewScientist.

A nice display system, posted 19 May 2011 at 02:07 UTC by MDude » (Journeyer)

This would also be nice for putting a face on an autonomous blimp. Not sure how useful it would be, but a small robot blimp would make a nice pet. Maybe it could tell me to get out of bed, or remind me when it's time to take care of the other pets.

I wonder if I could use this to remotely dangle strong in front of a cat, of it the blimp would be in too much danger of puncture.

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