Robot Rewind - Weird Robot Articles of the Past Year or So

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There's been a slew of weird and amusing robot stories in the past year on robots.net. I thought it would be fun to take a trip down the robots.net memory lane at a sampling of the weird robot stories we've seen in the past year or so. Click through to read the weird robot stories article (below, or try looking somewhere else or under your bed if you can't find it below).

Intro: Have you ever had a slew? Well usually it's followed by the word "of" and then something. It's sort of like a gaggle but I've already used the word "gaggle" in a previous article. In any case I have a slew of weird robot stories for your consideration and amusement. You'll need to click the links and follow the stories for complete amusement or monotony whichever you may see it.

Dances with Robots: Let's start off with dancing robots. Now I love to watch ballroom dancing. OK, I lied, I hate it. Hey, I'm a guy! But, my wife loves to watch dancing and by that I mean dancing humans. That being said, my wife hates dancing robots and won't watch dancing robot videos. But, I'm enthralled with dancing robots even if she isn't. It has probably sparked your interest that this flip-flop of disagreement happens with my wife and me about dancing. ...Or perhaps not if you are not really paying attention to what you are reading and are a disinterested zombie that reads late at night to help yourself go to sleep. But, if it does spark your interest about our disagreements, you're probably getting way to interested in our personal arguments. Anyway, dancing around that topic, check out the Industrial Robots Dance Video and the Dancing Hexapod on the Viral Video Circuit. If you really like dancing robots, you might also check out the Ballroom dancing robot or the Keepon Dancing Robot video or his big brother Tofu the hairy dancing robot. Of course a really cool dancing robot is the Citroen's C4 "Staying Alive!" Dancing robot or their previous C4 dancing robot video. Citroen's dancing robot videos are cool!

Robots made from Junk: If you are a "Real" robot builder then likely your house is filled with junk like mine. Yes, I admit it, it's all my wife's fault that the house is all cluttered with a slew of junk, even robot junk. Now we don't clutter our house with any old gaggle (there I said it) of sophomoric lady's leg lamps junk, but instead we go for the really weird robot stuff junk like The Amazing Bickford, Disposable Razor Robot or the Performer #2 Robot. For the more artsy fartsy in the crowd, perhaps you'd like the Rejected Transformers 6 robots, or the Toasters turned robots, or repurposed typewriters or other robots made of junk. You may want to take out insurance on your robot junk or it may get vandalized. Now what floats some people's boats are Huge robots made out of styrofoam. You could of course go all frugal and get some cardboard boxes and tape them together to form them into a cheesy squarish cardboard junk robot but why bother when you can spend a lot of money and buy one from Amazon? Just don't let your robot junk overloards hear you call them junk!

Useful Robots?: There's nothing like an extremely useful robot, and these robots are nothing like extremely useful robots! Now I know what you're thinking: Robots should be useful servants used for the good of mankind. What? You weren't thinking that? Well I'm not really a mind reader but I like to tell you I know what you're thinking. It's sort of creeps people out but tjat's fun. I also like spelling the word "That" with a j because it's sort of Spanish sounding and creepy too. Yeah, it was a misspelling and I'm too lazy to fix it. Anyway, when it comes to these robots being useful, they're about as useful as my digressing but just as fun. ...to people who haven't totally lost their sense of humor that is. ahem. I present to you now Japan's stupidest robots. Yeah they're very stupid indeed. I think they are meant to be humorous but they definitely are stupid. Sometimes robots are not meant to be stupid but they are anyway. Oh yeah, I see, very funny: quit putting down my robots. I'm talking about really stupid robots. Let me shift attention away from MY robots to the Walking iPhone Robot that doesn't walk and sort of falls over a lot, or the fork and knife robot that doesn't really have a use for the fork and knife. Not so useful but fun is the Spider Walker where you get to ride on a slow walking, unstable, coffee table. Wee!

The Weird and Macabre Robots: How do you pronounce Macabre? I think it sounds like "corn cob" but why is that? No really, why is that? Shouldn't it sound something like Mac-A-Bree? Mmmm, like a cheesy gourmet hamburger. Yeah! OK, I suppose that pronouncing it that way would be a bit grim and morbid and perhaps horridly spooky. (Those are all synonyms of "Macabre" if you didn't catch that). We'll here's a robot that's horridly spooky as in a Rat-Brained Robot. It drives itself around via rat brains grown on a chip. You could also use the rat brain cells to create beautiful robotic works of art! Doesn't that just scream CREEPY! Imagine if you will... (shh, you're imagining now, but don't close your eyes or you'll stop reading)... asking a seemingly innocent question at an art gallery about the artist of a beautiful work of art only to find out the art was created by disembodied rat brain cells! That'll make you run screeming out of the building like a 9 year old school girl. Speaking of weird little girls, the freaky looking robot girl Repliee R-1, takes the cake. The inventor says, "it wears clothes," as one of its cool features. Like what the? Or, my favorite for the weird and macbre, the Cyborg Cockroach (video) where they glue a big hissing cockroach to a holder so that it is forced to walk on a ping pong like track ball treadmill that controls a robotic base. I'm not sure if they asked the cockroach but I guess that he's not really happy about it. If you don't like little critter brains controlling robotic exoskeletons? Then how about cyborg rat brains that are controlled by electrodes? Yep, the rats have metal rods jammed in their heads which are connected to a computer so that you, the evil human, can steer the poor little rats left or right with a remote control dutifully following your evil commands.

Sad Robots: I'm so glad we had this time together to reminisce about a slew of weird robots. Oh, now you're sad that we're about to part ways? Don't be sad. So now that you're all emotional and all, I thought I'd leave you with: sad robots. I know it's been done before but this sad robot video is fun and depressing at the same time! Here's another fun and sad and depressing robot boogie video with a devo flair about that all the humans are dead after a robot uprising. Don't go away sad, though, here's amusing song about the Roomba robot vacuum that'll keep you happy and it will stay swirling in your head until we meet again.

Goodbye: I hope you enjoyed our little trip down the robots.net memory lane. Nothing else to read here. Move along.

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