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i want to make a robot suit. an interactive robot costume that someone can step into. however, this would be an immersion work - where being inside the suit transports you to a different place ... and the only thing you hear is your 'electricfriend' and the sea... RE: Stanislaw Lem 'automattew and friend'(found in MORTAL ENGINES) i invision a whole lot of latex, plastic and electronic work...i'm not really knowlegable about mini remote processors as i would like to have the robot untethered. Basically, when the viewer steps into the suit (which is adjustable to height and width) what they will see is a panarama of a beach on a deserted island. there is a voice that gives direction and description to the place and situation - and it is heard through headphones that are built into the helmut. i need help with figuring the technology needed to keep this robot autonomous - on battery supply. HELP

Description: basic stamp (?), peripheral audio, video

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