Plenty of Roomba on Mother's Day!

Posted 8 May 2003 at 21:24 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

So you're asking yourself what to buy mom for mother's day? No, she doesn't want the same old stale flowers, costume jewelry, or other cheap gifts under $10. Get her something special this year! What she wants is a bright and shiny new robotic vacuum cleaner!? Yes, that's right, she wants a robotic vacuum cleaner! There are a plethora of web sites pushing the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner for mother's day for just $199.95! The roomba is produced by iRobot and is one of the cheapest robotic vacuum cleaners on the market. The Roomba robotic vacuum might just be the gift for the mother who has everything?

More Roomba news links to peruse: Does Roomba it do it? , Roomba Vacuum cleaner, Boston Globe article.

Purchase Roomba for Mother's day here: Target, Large Print Books, Sharper Image, and more.

Other Robotic Vacuums in the news: Karcher Robot Vacuum, Robo-Cop Out (Karcher Robot Vacuum), Dyson's Robovac scrapped,

Older articles on Roomba: here, here, here, and here.

Does it handle throw rugs OK or not?, posted 9 May 2003 at 14:11 UTC by earlwb » (Master)

How does it do when there are throw rugs out and about? Is it able to get over them without getting caught, stuck or hung up?

Don't know about throw rugs but ..., posted 9 May 2003 at 15:49 UTC by steve » (Master)

David Anderson brought one to a recent RBNO and we ran it on the DPRG warehouse floor and on the contest course (it does a good job of wall-following). It made the transition from tiled floors to concrete easily enough and was able to navigate over various sufaces on the course as well (paper, wood, etc...). And as you can see from the pics, it can also be used to transport beer...

On the Fringe, posted 9 May 2003 at 17:53 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

I think you'd want to avoid letting the roomba chew on the fringe on rugs. It thinks it's chewing gum and gets stuck.

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