built by Michal Urbaniak

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Target Environment Locomotion Method
Indoors 2 Legs
Sensors / Input Devices Actuators / Output Devices
4 Ultrasonic Sensors
4 Light Sensors
4 IR sensors
CCD Camera
16 servo motors
Control Method Power Source
Autonomous N/A
CPU Type Operating System
Intel 80x86 N/A
Programming Lanuage Weight
N/A 40 kg
Time to build Cost to build
2 years N/A
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This is my newest finished project - humanoid HMU-1. It has taken me two years to built it. HMU-1 can either be programmed or work autonomically. Each part of the robot is devided into modules so it can be easy to be modified, maintained and rapaired.

The frame-work is made of alluminium profiles. I choose this material because it has many advantages (easy to treatment, light, good endurance, etc). Profiles are connected by the aid of screws (sometimes additionally by glue).

Robot can operate thanks to 16 serwomotors. Of course, there are different kinds of motors(power), depanding on what functions they have.

The head can move in 8 directions, arms in 6 directions and robot can also turn its torso. Additionally, HMU-1 has got the pushed out control panel, where you can turn on/off some functions. One of the arm can grip objects thanks to four fingered hand. Each finger can stop independently on the object. The second arm is equiped with the moved sensor and the radar to locate the movement of the objects when the robot is in the guarding mode.

HM-1 has got the computer 486DX4-100 which controls serwomotors when robot is in the programmable mode. It this mode you can easy program all serwos and control them by the LPT ports.

Robot has got 12 sensors (IR sensors, Ultrasonic sensors, Light sensors and a video camera). HM-1 can also inform loudly using recorded voice when it is doing some tasks (for example turning of or when he uses its lights).

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