16 Feb 2017 AI4U   » (Observer)

Seed AI code structures to be implemented

In the last two days [15&16.FEB.2017] I have been figuring out that responses generated from the VisRecog module should be assigned a high truth value, because "seeing is believing."

In January 2017 I figured out that preterite assertions like "Roger is here" should default to a very low truth value.

So maybe now I have garnered two building blocks of the Full AI; Compleat AI; Terminal AI; Advanced AI; Whatever AI. I need a term to express the idea that it will no longer be a partial AI. It will be an AI as the completion of my lifework. Maybe I should call it the Seed AI. That term has been bruited about for a decade or more and it may now fit the bill for what I have been doing.

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