First Official Tron Legacy Trailer Released

Posted 25 Jul 2009 at 00:25 UTC by steve Share This

Fresh from Comic Con comes the first official trailer for the long awaited sequel to Tron, called Tron Legacy. This trailer includes the same wiggly light cycles from last year's teaser/CG test footage that inspired some complaints (everybody knows light cycles only move orthagonally!) but otherwise looks like it might be pretty cool. For more info check the viral marketing sites Home of Tron or Flynn Lives website

Flynn Lives as a computer brain eating Zombie?, posted 30 Jul 2009 at 09:54 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

Was that guy at the end of the trailer who says, "It's just a game!"... wasn't he the bad guy CPU in the first movie? It looks like flynn has some serious grudge issues after the first movie and should have gotten some serious counseling. In the first movie flynn was sort of the messiah figure and savior of the tron world that all of the other programs hoped was there to help and wanted to love and help him back and he gave them hope. In this one it looks like he comes back many years later as the pretty well jaded devil mafia bad guy beating up every program and waiting for someone worthy to fight? So one wonders who will be the new savior of Tron? Help us trace off, you're our only hope!

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