Gesture-based Human Robot Interaction

Posted 24 Mar 2009 at 16:05 UTC by steve Share This

According to a Brown University news release, a DARPA-funded team of researchers at the Brown Robotics Lab have modified an iRobot Packbot to interact with humans based on both verbal commands and gestures. The Packbot is equipped with a CSEM SwissRanger SR300 depth camera for vision. The researchers developed software that could recognize humans in the scene as distinct objects. Once the robot identifies its human "commander" the robot tries to maintain a specific distance to that person and observe their gestures. This allows the robot to act as a team member, silently follow gestural cues of the leader, just like human members of an military team. The video above shows the robot interacting with humans who communicate with it by making gestures. For more, see the Brown website on Mobile Human-Robot Teaming Enabled by Depth Imaging. You can find all the technical info in the paper recently published by the team, Mobile Human-Robot Teaming with Environmental Tolerance (PDF format)

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