Robots and Utilitarianism

Posted 14 Aug 2006 at 00:22 UTC by steve Share This

Christopher Grau has published an article in IEEE Intelligent Systems titled There is No "I" in "Robot": Robots & Utilitarianism (PDF format). The article brings up a number of philosophical issues concerning robots, using as a starting point the 2004 film, I, Robot, which borrowed its title and a few plot elements from Asimov's robot books. Grau discusses the moral responsibilities that arise from creating ethical robots and the feasibility of utilitarianism as a philosophy for robot-human or robot-robot interaction.

Robots that have an overall good for society. , posted 14 Aug 2006 at 13:57 UTC by marev » (Observer)

Utilitarianism is the correct path for robots and i really liked the first half of i,robot with its ideas and most probably a truthful future of the world,did not like the second half of the film,as with any hollywood film it has to be action for the sake of it eventually.I hope they now make new robot films that show the positive future of robotics all the way through.

Utilitarianism, posted 14 Aug 2006 at 18:01 UTC by steve » (Master)

I think his point is that the frequent depiction of utilitarianism as the underlying driving philosophy of robots in science fiction is what results in human viewers (or readers) finding them morally problematic and scary.

Another film with previous ideas that make sense., posted 15 Aug 2006 at 00:29 UTC by marev » (Observer)

Just came back home (yesterday my time),turned on the television and Robocop 2 was on,talking about films this one was a while ago but talk about good,not so much all the shoot ups again but the ideas about clinically virtually dead people having brain and central nervous system removed quickly in one piece,implanted into a robot and suddenly without them ever knowing they are the most advanced robot/being on the earth,quite a concept and maybe another insight into a quicker way of making real advanced machines happen.Also like the way the creators of these super robots were using "nuke",a serious drug they were already addicted on,to make them comply with every order,cruel way of making them do it though,like it so much i might send for the dvd tomorrow,missed the first bit,brilliant ideas though.

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