built by Ramkumar Sundarakalatharan

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Target Environment Locomotion Method
Outdoors, all terrain Treads
Sensors / Input Devices Actuators / Output Devices
Pyroelectric X 8
CCD camera X 2
IR collision avoidance X 4
DC motors X 4
Control Method Power Source
Autonomous Solar
CPU Type Operating System
i80c51 Orocos
Programming Lanuage Weight
C, Java 1.4 Kgs
Time to build Cost to build
6 months(spare time) About INR12,000c($240)
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This is the ongoing project SAHMHR , As have described in my previous work. Development and Incorporation are described Below. Improved Sensor Data processing Scrapped those LOS IR command linkj and replaced with duel Redundant Bluetooth/FM control channels, so the system can now actally process more than error correction now.

Addition of a Scout Unlike previous SAHMHR , now i've built a standard Scout type of robot with limited sensor and data transmission capabalities. which is intended to be used in areas where the Main vehicle may not go without "On ground- intelligence"

New Navigational Topology. Due to the addition of a new member, now the Swarm-logic works more acurately, hence the mapping of previously unknown area (10'X10') takes half the time.

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