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First, you don't need an account to access anything on this site. You can see everything there is to see without one. You only need an account if you want to join our community and contribute something.

Most users join so they can use the blogging features. Every user of has their own weblog. You can use it to tell the world about your latest robot project or share links to interesting robot websites you've seen. Your blog includes an RSS feed so it can be syndicated to other sites such as Facebook, if you'd like. If you already blog on another site, it's easy to syndication your existing blog to your account too if you want. uses a community-based trust metric system in which each user certifies other users. In order to certify others or be certified yourself, you'll need to create an account and include enough information that others will know who you are. Initially, your account will have "Observer" certification and you will be able to post to your weblog immediately. As other users get to know you, they may choose to issue a trust certification at a higher level which will allow you to access additional methods of posting such as discussions of news items.

Relying on the user community to determine who is trusted helps make self-maintaining and keeps the signal-to-noise ratio of discussions at an acceptable level by preventing troll, spammers, and other trouble makers from distributing the real users.

If you'd like to find out more about the trust metric system that is used on to certify users and the associated certification levels, a detailed description is available.

In the meantime, have fun and keep building robots!

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