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Truth be told, gaming is the most fun way of entertainment there is even though other people see it as quite addictive. True enough, some video games nowadays require time and close attention, but that doesn’t discredit the excitement one can get from it. For casual gamers, it could serve as a breather from a long day of work. It can even provide you with learning, lighten up your mood, and improve your ability to multitask. But for people who take gaming seriously, it is more than just a diversion. Gaming itself could be their life.

We understand that gaming or choosing a game to play is a hefty task, especially when you are a beginner. For this reason, we have come up with this guide to walk you through the world of gaming, specifically when it comes to online games, PC games to console games for your PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Wii U, VR console, and more. In this all-in-one article, not only you’ll find a series of gaming guides and tricks to advance in your games, we rounded up some of the best titles to play including the upcoming PS5 games you’re looking forward to. Read on as we revealed some of the best platforms to download them, and we included some of the best sandbox games that’ll be sure to let your creativity runs wild. Let’s stay updated in the gaming world with us as we dive right into the exciting universe of gaming.

robots favicon Different Types of Videos Games for PC and Consoles

From the time of Spacewars, PC and console games have gone through an unrecognizable transformation. Sure it is the king of its time, but there is no way that it will stand near the titles we have today. Present video game titles are a lot more exciting, action-packed, and realistic. This only shows how people are so enthusiastic about furthering the industry.

Consequently, video game genres have also expanded exponentially. New breeds of video games are being born, while some are slowly dying out. As the gaming ecosystem gets a bit cluttered, knowing the types of video games is vital to keep your options wide. If you are still in search of games where you are likely to explore, here is everything you need.

Action Games

There’s no doubt, action games are the most exciting games and the most addictive too. This particular genre emphasizes physical challenges to test the player’s reflexes, hand-and-eye coordination, and reaction time. Titles that fall under this umbrella often requires players to avoid obstacles through virtual running and jumping. Other times, they also have to collect items and defeat enemies to win. Action games are common in arcades where players usually have to battle a boss enemy to keep on advancing on a sequence of levels. But, action games also vary and are very complex that it has other sub-genre of its own.

Platformers or platform games is one of the earliest subgenres of action games. This type of game relies heavily on players taking control of a character to avoid obstacles through running and jumping. Platform games often feature environments with elements of uneven terrain or ledges that players need to traverse. Although platformers involve a lot of running, they shouldn’t be confused with endless runner games. As opposed to platform games, characters on runner games move by default, and players aim for the highest score or longest run rather than completing a certain level. Normally, platformers blend in other elements of other genres like shooter as we have seen in Flat Army: 2D Shooter or role-playing like the classic Mario Bros.

If you are looking for action, there could be nothing more exciting than shooter games. Commonly played on PC and consoles, it would test your spatial ability and reflexes, altogether. In these games, the players’ avatar is armed with weapons, usually firearms; which they can use to battle against mobs or other characters in an isolated environment. The ultimate goal is to kill all enemies and be the last man standing or be on the winning team.

There are several sub-categories under shooter games. The most played nowadays are the first-person shooter games, which simulate the character’s point of view of the battlefield on the screen. Third-person shooter games are also quite popular which displays the view in 2D from the player character’s shoulders. Some of the prominent shooter games are Doom, Call of Duty, and Counter-Strike. There are several VR shooter games available as well like Gunheart and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Fighting games are a mainstay when it comes to console and PC gaming. This genre revolves around close, hand-to-hand combat between a player character and an enemy. While it could be played by a single player, the real fun of it comes from two players going against each other.

The battle could take place in an arena or any confined space. Each character has special abilities that players can unleash through a combination of movement. By ducking, jumping, or kicking, for instance, the character will be able to produce special moves or block an attack. Fighting games have several rounds and the player who wins the most rounds will be the winner. Tekken and Street Fighter are two of the best fighting games you can play whether on arcades, consoles, or PCs.

If you want to take a break from the aggressive gameplay of battle royale, then stealth games might be for you. Although it combines the elements of shooting and fighting games, this particular subgenre of action gaming needs players to stay low. As some gaming enthusiasts say, stealth games are virtual hide and seek where you avoid confrontation or detection while trying to infiltrate the enemies’ base or complete a task.

Stealths don’t completely rule out face-to-face combat against an enemy, though it might just attract more enemies you cannot handle. Also, this type of computer game gives more credits to the stealths you use and to the mission you achieve without detection. It may sound cowardly, and to some extent boring, but stealth games will challenge your patience and your tactical skills. Some of the best stealth games today include Gunpoint, Dishonored and Hitman: Blood Money.

Shoot’Em Ups games, abbreviated as “shmup” is a variant of shooter games, but with much less complicated gameplay and design elements. In this genre, the player doesn’t necessarily have to take a humanoid character. Usually, the weapon is the character itself. It could be a spacecraft or a vehicle firing invading forces generated by a computer. Simultaneously, the players should avoid enemies’ attacks that may deplete the character’s health and lives.

Classic Shoot’Em Ups games are usually limited to top-down or side-view perspective where players have to take actions from a distance. Some of the famous titles include Fantasy Zone, G Darius, and Ikaruga.

adventure Games

Adventure games or interactive fiction are among the earliest titles that have ever been played on computers and consoles alike. In this genre, the player takes control of the protagonist inside an interactive story. Adventure games are centered on a narrative inspired by exploration and sometimes, puzzle solving.

Earlier versions of adventure games are heavily text-based like the Zork and the Colossal Cave. But soon after, they employed better graphics and moved toward point-and-click interfaces. This type of gaming had its peak in the ’90s. Nowadays, some people argue that adventure is a dying genre. But, the popularity of The Walking Dead by Telltale in the last decade proves that interactive fiction is still up on the game.

Point and click is a type of computer adventure game where players control a character using a mouse or other pointing devices. Players click to move their characters around and interact with the elements inside the game. Normally, the goal of point and click games is to collect items for the character’s inventory and use them at the right time based on dialogues made with other characters. Some of the best new point and click games you can play nowadays are Thimbleweed Park and Broken Age.

Escape the room is a relatively new breed of adventure games. Instead of relying heavily on text, it combines the elements of graphic adventure and point and clicks. As the name suggests, the player’s goal is to free the protagonist from imprisonment. This type of game normally has multiple doors that players should open by finding clues, solving a puzzle, or unlocking a riddle. The Crimson Room and The Room are just two of the best-known escape room games.

role-playing games

A Role-playing game is a type of gaming that allows players to fill up the shoes of a character in a virtually defined world. Usually, with a specific skill set, players have to use their character’s abilities as they take their action to achieve a central narrative. This type of game can be played in a single-player or multiplayer mode. Like its tabletop origin, computer RPG is defined by storytelling and character advancement.

Action RPG emphasizes real-time combat while following a mission system. It combines the elements of shooter games and brawl, where the players play and attack simultaneously as opposed to turn-based strategy games. Despite the elements of action being incorporated in the game, action RPG is still aimed at improving a player’s stats and skillsets. Grim Dawn, Pagan Online, and The Witcher are just a few of the best action RPGs to play on PC today.

MMORPG, short for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, a gaming type that involves a network of players in a single server. As in all RPGs, MMORPG involves a player taking control over a character’s actions in a virtual world. This genre requires players to form a guild and go on a quest. The game is aimed at progression and characters gain special abilities and experiences as they join a quest. Rift, Skyforge, and Final Fantasy are the mainstay MMORPG titles today.

Simulation Games

Simulation Games are seen as a diverse category of video games. The one thing that sets them from other game genres is that it mimics real-life activities. In simulation games, players are not limited to controlling a single character. They can control a whole environment as well. There’s no strict goal in this game. Its main purpose is to train the player’s analysis and prediction.

City Building or construction and management is a type of simulation game in which the player focuses on building and expanding a fictional environment while managing limited resources. Usually, players themselves serve as the leader of a civilization and are responsible for its growth from scratch. In this game, success is not determined by the defeat of an enemy but in the continuous progress of a community. Aven Colony, SimCity, Cities: Skylines are among the best city building games to play.

Life simulation is an umbrella for games in which the players control artificial life forms. People often confuse it with role-playing games. However, this genre does not follow a strict narrative although the players have to control the day to day lives of their characters too. A life simulation can involve individuals and relationships. Virtual pets also fall under this category. The Sims, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Virtual Families are some of the best life simulation titles.

Strategy Games

Strategy Games require players good decision-making skills and planning ability to win. Often, they also require players to have a decision tree style of thinking to preempt the outcome of every possible move. The game takes place in a battle arena where players could either take turns when attacking or have a real-time battle.

Platformers or platform games is one of the earliest subgenres of action games. This type of game relies heavily on players taking control of a character to avoid obstacles through running and jumping. Platform games often feature environments with elements of uneven terrain or ledges that players need to traverse. Although platformers involve a lot of running, they shouldn’t be confused with endless runner games. As opposed to platform games, characters on runner games move by default, and players aim for the highest score or longest run rather than completing a certain level. Normally, platformers blend in other elements of other genres like shooter as we have seen in Flat Army: 2D Shooter or role-playing like the classic Mario Bros.

Real-time strategy is a combined element of base building, combat, and resources management. It requires players to secure areas and destroy their enemies’ assets within a map. They do this by deploying structures and maneuvering units. In typical RTS games, players can create additional units using the points they gathered. Victory is determined by how much resources and bases a team has. John Wick Hex, Close Combat: The Bloody First, and Driftland: The Magic Revival is the newest RTS games you can play.

Tower defense is a game that revolves around defending a territory or a structure against enemies. Due to its real-time battle element, some people consider it as a form of real-time strategy game. While it may seem like a watered-down RTS, tower defense does not involve base-building or domination. Players simply have to deploy defensive elements along the enemies’ path and obstruct their attacks. Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Bloons TD 6, and Death Trap are just a few of the modern tower defense games. But who will forget Plants vs. Zombies?

Wargame is a subgenre of strategy game that involves strategic or tactical warfare, depicting a real military operation. It often has a strategy element where players plan their battle or choose an area to dominate. But in the majority, the whole game focuses on actually fighting. It also has a faster timeline which eliminates sleep periods to the action of the game. Some of the best wargames you can play are World of Tanks, Defcon, and Brothers in Arms.

Sports Games

A sports game is a video game genre that recreates physical sports. Most of the sports games that we know of emulating the actual practice of a sport. However, some emphasize strategy and sport management, while others put a comic element on the gameplay. Sports games are among the oldest genres in the history of gaming and one of the most played too.

Racing is one common type of sports game. As in an actual racing challenge, the player’s goal is to be the first one to reach a designated post or finish a loop in as little time as possible. While most racing games use cars like vehicles, it can also come in other forms like water or spacecraft. In some racing games, players have limited resources they can use to obstruct competitors or get a headstart. The competitors can be controlled by an actual player or by artificial intelligence. Dirt Rally 2, Interstate 76, and Forza Horizon 4 are among the best racing games to play today.

Sports-based fighting is a niche gaming genre that falls under sports game. It simulates two-player combat sports like boxing, mixed martial arts, kickboxing, and wrestling. Similar to actual combat sports, sports-based fighting has several rounds although sometimes reduced. The player who wins the most rounds is the winner. You can play it against AI or an actual player. Some of the best known sports-based fighting games are Punch-Out!!, Creed: Rise to Glory, and EA Sports UFC.

As the world’s favorite sport, it’s no wonder that basketball also has its video game counterpart. The earliest version of basketball games is available on NES, Playstation, and Xbox. It usually adapts the actual mechanics where a single player takes charge of the action of an entire team. In the past years, however, there also came some versions of basketball games that focus on a specific part of the sport like shooting and dribbling. The NBA 2K franchise is uncompromisingly the best basketball game we have today.

Football is one of the most popular sports ever simulated in video games. Early versions of football games are limited to offline mode. This means you have to make do of the computer as an opponent, which sometimes is so hard to defeat. Thankfully, there are now some titles that can be played in multiplayer. Most football games apply the mechanics from the actual sport. However, the time frame is normally reduced. EA’s FIFA franchises are still undisputed as the best football games to play.

robots favicon What Equipments do You Need to Start Gaming?

To fully enjoy gaming, you need to have the proper equipment that compliments one another. May it be a gaming chair, a durable PC case, SSD, or even a mouse pad. Every expert gamer will agree that without a good one, it’s nearly impossible for you to advance in gaming. A faulty device will only frustrate you and will leave you stuck in the mediocre level of gaming. If you want to enter the higher level, then here are the best devices for you.

Gaming PC and monitors

Consoles and hand-held devices might be on the rise today, but there’s no way that gaming PCs will be out of the limelight in the near future. In fact, it is even stronger today. The experience you can get from a PC built for gaming is unbeatable. However, choosing a gaming PC that will work for you is a hefty decision. It may even take you forever to choose one, especially when you are not familiar with the specs you should look for.

Not all desktop computers are built for gaming. Although we do not discourage using entry-level PCs for gaming, cheap computers usually can’t handle gameplays at lofty detail settings. For this reason, we have gone through the trouble of listing the best-prebuilt gaming PC right now.

So, what is a good gaming PC you ask? We’ll there’s a lot of factors we should look into to say that a PC is good for gaming. Here are the basics.

MSI Gaming GE Force graphic card
Photo by Amazon

Graphics Card

The graphics card, or GPU, is one of the most important components of a computer. This handles everything displayed on your monitor. A poor graphics card also means poor images. Most gaming PCs have a pre-installed mid-range graphics card, which is enough to drive a game in full HD (1080p).

By default, a more expensive computer set has a better graphics card. But if they won’t satisfy you and still want great quality graphics and frame speed, you can try an entry-level graphics card. Here are the best graphics card models for your dream desktop.

Buy Now!More Graphics Cards
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core with motherboard
Photo by Amazon

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Having the best main processor chip or CPU for gaming is important to get a striking performance out of your PC. High-end graphics cards mean nothing without a decent CPU as these two are connected by the heart.

The main CPU is responsible for taking all the processes inside the gameplay and everything that the GPU renders on your screen.

Generally, a CPU with higher clock speeds and core will give you a snappier performance. For casual gamers, you can’t go wrong with current-generation chips like AMD Ryzen 3000 or Intel 9th Generation Core. Pair this with the best CPU cooler for your gaming PC and you are good to go.

Buy Now!Best Gaming CPU
Vengeance LPX RAM
Photo by Amazon

Memory and Storage

The memory (RAM) and storage (hard drive) are two components we usually overlooked in a computer. From these two, the CPU gets the information it needs from gameplay. However, frequently accessing data from your hard drive can drag the performance of the main processor chip. Which is why a gaming computer needs a better memory.

The computer RAM stores short-term information that the CPU needs quick access. Without a sufficient RAM means the CPU has to access them elsewhere, which could slow down the process. A typical question is how much RAM do I need for gaming. Generally, a minimum of 8GB RAM is good enough for gaming, but feel free to upgrade to 16GB for smooth gameplay. Some sets are packed with 32GB, but they come at an unnecessary price.

As we already said, lots of computer sets nowadays are readily built for gaming. But, did you know that you can customize your a gaming PC? Although it takes a lot of work and costs a lot too, it is quite possible already. Here’s how to build a gaming PC.

Buy Now!Best RAM for Gaming

Controllers for Your PC

A good gaming keyboard and gaming mouse is vital to help you navigate easily and precisely in games. Though gamepads might just be what you need to elevate your gameplay more intuitively. Remember how good it is to play NBA 2K from a couch? That is what PC controllers are aiming today ─ a crossplay between console and PC gaming.

There plenty of PC controllers available nowadays that range from budget to the extravagance custom-made. Though a typical gaming controller that works should do the job, if you have more cash to spare, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller or Razer Wolverine Ultimate would surely wring the best gaming performance out of you. Check out our complete list of best PC controllers for more.

Gaming Monitors

The monitor is one of the most important components of a PC, whether for gaming or any other purposes. Some components might only last for a couple of years, but the monitor could easily last for even a decade. That is why it is pretty essential to choose a good gaming monitor that you can still use in the future. A 1080p (HD) screen is the minimum standard of a gaming PC. But if you have a CPU that can play better video quality, there is no point in settling on a screen with a lower resolution. Nvidia’s RTX 20 series, for instance, is capable of a solid 4K play. You can match this with the best 4K monitors.

Gaming Headsets

A good headset makes a game truly immersive. Whether on PC and console, it could potentially make all the difference in how you perform.

When choosing a headset for gaming, it is important to consider one with good sound isolation or noise canceling. Clear and undisrupted audio can give you a good sense of direction of the elements inside a game. When playing a shooter game, for instance, your headset can help you identify where the enemy gunshot is coming and gain an advantage. Aside from good audio quality, you might also want to consider a headset with a good microphone. We are not looking for a recording-ready headset mic, but one that you can maneuver. Here are the best audiophile headphones you can use for both music and gaming.

robots favicon What Are The Gaming Console Available Today?

We have seen many changes in console gaming in the past years. Handheld consoles are on the rise, but home gaming consoles still have a fair share. The latest game consoles nowadays are also packed with more powerful hardware that supports VR and even 4K gaming. The new generation of consoles combines the basics with more insane offerings that will take us both in memory lane and into the future.

Xbox One

Xbox One X gaming console
Photo by Amazon

Xbox One X is Microsoft’s most powerful gaming console, at least for now. Built with 4K Blu-ray and HDR video playback compatibility, it gives a complete visual enhancement to games compared to what we saw from its predecessors. Like the Xbox One S, One X has backward compatibility with a generous number of Xbox 360 titles. It also has several exclusives that will also be available for Microsoft’s next-generation console, the Xbox Series X.

PS4 Pro

PlayStation 4 Pro
Photo by Amazon

PlayStation 4 Pro is a more expensive but more powerful PS4. The two support the same catalog of games. But, PS4 comes from a bit of advantage as it’s able to deliver HDR 10 gaming as well as 4K videos.

PlayStation and Xbox share a lot of titles. But on the brighter side, we’ve seen a growing library of exclusive franchises for PS4 like God of War, The Last of Us Remastered, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. You can even experience them in full immersion as PlayStation 4 is VR ready. If you want an expanded experience of PlayStation 4, you can subscribe to PlayStation Plus to get exclusive deals and early access to games scheduled for release.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch
Photo by Amazon

Nintendo Switch’s launch took the internet by storm. As a compact and portable console, this gaming device has been on top of every gamer’s list. The Switch was marketed as a hybrid of plug-and-play and handheld whereby it can swiftly transform into a home console and a mobile device as you need it.

Nintendo Switch has a growing catalog of games, from contemporary titles to the classic ones. It also has a lot of original games like Super Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. But if there’s one thing Switch is missing, it is the backward compatibility. There’s no virtual console on Switch either. This means that you have to repurchase the classic titles from Nintendo Switch Online to play them.

Sega Genesis Mini

Sega Genesis Mini is a retro gaming console that sought to revive the 16-bit console that came out ages ago. It’s been a trend for many console makers to emulate the Sega Genesis, but nothing came close to what the Genesis Mini has made.

The device looks almost identical to the shrunken Sega’s Genesis. It comes with two gaming controllers similar to the original. You can purchase the six-button controllers separately, but for the games included in the package, the 3-button controllers work just fine. Speaking of games, Genesis Mini is preloaded with 40 games including Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Streets of Rage 2, Eternal Champions, and other titles that will bring you real nostalgia.

robots favicon Upcoming Video Game Consoles in 2020

Sony PlayStation 5 White

Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Sony’s PlayStation has always been on top of the list when it comes to console gaming. The long-awaited PS5 was meant to launch in the first half of 2020 but it has been pushed back due to the pandemic situation. Though the exact release date is uncertain, what’s PS5 is about to offer certainly won’t disappoint. Despite the aesthetic upgrade, PS5 is set to support 8K resolution, PSVR compatible, DualSense controller, and comes with ultra-fast custom 825GB SSD hard drive. With the success of its predecessors, PS5 certainly has a lot to live up to. Explore the speculating features for PS5 and its games here.

Pre-OrderRead More
Xbox Series X in black

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X is a strong contender for the PS5 that is set to debut his upcoming holiday season. While the Xbox One might have been outvoted from the majority, the upcoming Series X is all geared up for the significant breakthrough.

While speed and performance is highly concerning factor when it comes to console gaming. Xbox Series X is designed and to be made specifically that caters to these needs. Not only it supports one of the fastest 1TB custom SSD, and 8K visuals, it also comes with a split motherboard to prevent it from overheating. Though the release date is uncertain, something exciting is certainly on its way!

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Alienware UFO prototype

Alienware Concept UFO

When Nintendo Switch is integrated with PC mode, then there is the— Alienware Concept UFO. This gaming console is here to bridge the gap by allowing gamers to experience PC gaming remotely. While the bigger screen size does matter, but the most significant concept of this console is to allow support PC games that Switch won’t. Unfortunately, this console is yet to be developed. But if it is, chances of upgrading from Switch to Alienware is certain.

Alienware NewsRead More

robots favicon How to Download Games?

You already have a gaming PC and a console. The question is where do you get games? There are a lot of sites that offer a free download of your favorite games. But, buying them from legitimate game publishers is still the safest way we know how to download games.

Where to Download Video Games?

One good thing about PCs is that there is a good selection of sites where you can download games for it. Often, they offer great games at great prices that are safe from unwanted malware. While Microsoft Store is still the go-to place for Windows users, PC gamers know that there are other good alternatives for it.

Steam Powered


If you are an avid PC gamer, then it is likely that you have a Steam account. What other people don’t know is that Steam also offers other content like software for animation and photo & video editing. But Steam is known better for the games it offers that are either pay-to-play or free-to-play.

To start downloading games, one must first have an account on Steam. You can create an account on Steam for free through its application. Once you log-in to your account, you can download free-to-play games without providing your banking details unless you are downloading purchasable titles. If you’re family and friends all you need is a few tricks to share Steam games with multiple users.

How to Download Steam Games
GOG games


GOG has one of the largest libraries of games right now. But, if you are looking for free to download titles, it might not be for you as the platform has a very limited collection of free-to-play games. Its main philosophy is “you buy it, you own it”.

GOG is the distribution platform of CD Projek, the company behind the Witcher games as well as Divinity. Its major selling point is that all their titles are DRM-free. Unlike other games that need keys to activate, you can share and install GOG games easily on other supported devices easily as long as you have downloaded game installers for offline backup.

Download Games on GOG
Origin Games by EA


Origin is the storefront of EA, the gaming company that is responsible for some famous sports games we know today as the FIFA and Madden NFL series. Although some EA titles are already available on other distribution platforms via EA Access, many of its flagships can only be purchased on Origin.

Through the Origin client, users can download the games they own and play them from anywhere, across multiple devices. It also allows them to subscribe to premier access where they play new EA games before anyone else.

Download Games on Origin
Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime is one of the perks of subscribing to Amazon Prime. It gives you access to channel subscription of your choice plus other privileges like chats, free emoticons, and more. But its claim to fame is that you can also get bonus games and exclusive in-game content.

Each month, Amazon gives out free games that you can download in partnership with Twitch. You can claim them from the Twitch Prime Loot page. Once you claim free games, they will appear on your Twitch library where you can install and download them any time you want.

Download Games on Twitch Prime Loots

robots favicon Best Sites to Download Free PC Games

Video game publishers often have several free games to offer. However, not all of them are as good and as exciting as those they sell. And practically speaking, not all of us are willing to pay for those games. Here are some of the best sites to download games online.

IGG Games

IGG Games

IGG Games is an unofficial website that releases copies of well-known games from different publishers. They do this using torrent and other direct links. Although at times there are some minor glitches from the files here, IGG is overall safe. Aside from downloading, you can also send request game links you need to download on the site. Here’s a complete guide on how to download IGG Games.

IGG SitesRead More

Skidrow and Reloaded

Skidrow & Reloaded

Skidrow & Reloaded is another website that generously gives out games people would normally pay for. It has cracked versions of some of your favorite computer games, which you can download via torrent, ISO, or Fit Girl Repack. However, as most warez sites, Skidrow & Reloaded is considered illegal in some countries. So, you might as well check its legality in your location before you download games from it. Here’s how to download Skidrow games.

Skidrow Reloaded SiteView Review
Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrent

The main Kickass Torrents website is long gone. But its proxy sites make a good source if you are looking for free to download games. Using a torrent client, you can download a bunch of good titles from the site, which ranges from action down to sports games. We have come with a guide on how to download Kickass Torrents games to make the job easier for you.

Kickass TorrentDownload Kickass Torrent Games

robots favicon How to Download Console Games?

Discs and cartridges are the traditional ways of getting games for consoles. But nowadays you can buy and download them on distribution platforms that correspond to the console you are using. All you need is an account for PlayStation Network (PSN), Xbox Live, and Nintendo eShop that connects you to a diverse selection of games.

How to Download Xbox Games on PC

Microsoft has a large catalog of games for the Xbox One series. However, downloading and installing them can be a bit frustrating especially for starters. There are several ways to do this. But regardless of what way you prefer to do it, you’ll always need your Xbox Live account.

The most efficient way to download and install games for Xbox One is to do remotely on a PC or smartphone. For mobile, you can do it using the Xbox App while you can visit the Microsoft Store if you prefer to do it on PC. As long as your Xbox One is set up to accept automatic updates, it will automatically install the games you purchase remotely.

Another way to download games for Xbox is to get them from Microsoft’s “Play Anywhere”. Purchasing games from here is easy and straightforward. But the real catch is when you buy a title from Play Anywhere, you’ll get two versions of it which you can play on your console and Windows 10 PC. Games you buy from Play Anywhere will show as “Ready to Install” under “My Games and Apps” on Xbox One.

How to Download Games on PS4

Similar to Xbox, you can also purchase and download digital games for PS4 if you don’t much prefer the physical ones. You can do this at the Playstation Store using your PSN account. The default way of downloading and installing games for PS4 is through the console itself. Simply go to the Playstation Store and purchase the game you want, then go to your purchase library to install it afterward.

You can also remotely download PS4 games using the Sony Playstation app or a PC. But, before you do it, you must configure your PS4 properly. Your console must be set to “Rest Mode” so it automatically wakes up and accepts updates. By default, PS4 is set in this power mode. So if you didn’t change this, then the remote download should work fine.

How to Download Games on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch users also seem to favor digital games over cartridges. That is why knowing how to download games for Switch properly is important to safeguard your device.

The only legitimate way to download digital games for Switch is through Nintendo eShop. To start downloading, go to eShop using your Switch device and purchase the game you want. When purchasing, Nintendo uses your eShop funds which you can load up using a Nintendo eShop Card or a credit card.

robots favicon Best Games to Play Right Now

Best PC Games

The number of PC games available today is overwhelming and deciding on a game to play can be a struggle. Steam alone has over 30 thousand games for PC. Here are some of the cherry-picked best and latest PC games for you. You can check our all-time favorite best pc games for our complete list.

Best battle royale

Apex Legends PC game

Apex Legends


Download Now

best strategy game

Battletech PC Game



Download Now

Best sports game

Madden NFL 21 PC game

Madden NFL 21


Download Now


Best PS4 Games

Playstation has a huge selection of games for PS4. But, the best ones are those you cannot find on other platforms. Whether you are into single-player adventures or action role-playing, there’s a lot of PS4 exclusive titles you can enjoy. Here are the best PS4 exclusive games you should play now.

Action Adventure

God of War

God of War


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Strategy game

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn


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role playing




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Best PSVR Games

Some PSVR games allow players to play them in or out of VR. However, VR gaming is more fun than playing on a regular device. It is a good entry-point for more exciting gaming where you feel less constricted as you would experience in four-sided screens. As of the moment, there is a limited number of VR-compatible PS4 games. Find the best PSVR games to play now.

shooter game

Firewall Zero Hour PS4 game

Firewall Zero Hour


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platform game

Astro Bot PSVR game

Astro Bot Rescue Mission


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Best RPG

Skyrim VR PlayStation game

Skyrim VR


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Best Nintendo Switch Games

Nintendo has a solid library of classics for Switch. With the ability to handle AAA games, Switch can give you incredible gaming experience. It opens several ways you can enjoy playing whether you love fighting, racing, or even puzzle games. Here are some of the best Switch games you’ll truly enjoy.


The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening Nintendo Switch

The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening


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fighting game

Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch game

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


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social simulation

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Nintendo Switch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons


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Best 3DS Games

The switch may have toppled 3DS, but there is still a lot to enjoy in Nintendo’s old handheld-dedicated console. If you are looking for exciting games to play, there is no shortage of titles for 3DS. It has a massive library for almost every genre. Try the best 3DS games now!


The Legend of Zelda- A Link Between Worlds 3DS

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds


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platform game

Super Mario 3D Land 3DS

Super Mario 3D Land


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Best RPG

Fire Emblem: Awakening Nintendo 3DS game

Fire Emblem: Awakening


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Best Xbox Games

Xbox has a solid rock library of both AAA blockbusters and indie hits. But if you are looking for exclusive games, you can go wrong with the Xbox classics. The best thing is that you can play most of them on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It was a tricky job picking them, but here are the best Xbox exclusive games you should play.

shooter game

Gears 5 Xbox game

Gears 5


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action-adventure game

Sunset Overdrive xbox one x game

Sunset Overdrive


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Best Value

Forza Horizon 4 Xbox game

Forza Horizon 4


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robots favicon How to Play Console Games on PC?

There’s no doubt that your personal computer is your easiest access for gaming. However, there will be a time that you might feel fed up and look for some variations. Perhaps, you also want to experience console gaming. But, what if you don’t have the device? While it might be impractical to spend another money for a pastime, your PC would still be able to provide what you are looking for. Using emulators on PC, you can now play console games without actually owning a game console. We will be honest, it may not be as fun as the actual but using a console emulator will get you by.

Xbox has a solid rock library of both AAA blockbusters and indie hits. But if you are looking for exclusive games, you can go wrong with the Xbox classics. The best thing is that you can play most of them on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It was a tricky job picking them, but here are the best Xbox exclusive games you should play.

Using The Yuzu Nintendo Switch Emulator

Citra is a Nintendo 3DS emulator that came to fame some 5 years ago. But as it slowly dies out, another console emulator for PC was born. This time, for Nintendo Switch.

Yuzu is the open-source emulator for Switch which was developed by the same team behind Citra. Initially, it was able to run Super Mario Odyssey, Pokémon Let’s Go, Super Mario Maker 2, and more. But as they improve on the platform, we’re expecting that it could run more games in the future. It doesn’t support 4K gaming for now, but overall it has a pretty good performance. You can download it from the Yuzu emulator website.

Run Console Games with PS4 Emulator for PC

There has been a lot of effort in emulating PS4 on PC since it was released. But not many came even close to satisfy that need, let alone the hoax claiming they can do the job seamlessly. One of the PS4 emulators that are showing progress is the GPCS4 emulator and Dolphin Emulator. Earlier this year, it was able to run some low demand games like the We Are Doomed.

Another PS4 Emulator that is making a lot of progress is Spine. Although it’s a bummer that it only works on Linux OS, according to its developer it was already able to boot some 20 to 50 games. But obviously, these games have still a lot of glitches so you can’t expect to play them without glitches.

With the current state of PS4 emulators today, it’s likely that you can’t play on them the exclusives any time soon. But as we have seen on other emulators, the recent development is very encouraging. Alternatively, you can also use the PCSX2 PS2 emulator or the RPCS3 emulator for PS3, which by par has a very good performance.

Using The Cxbx-Reloaded OG Xbox Emulator

There are lots of people online disputing the existence of Xbox emulators. While it is quite hard to crack Xbox consoles for emulation, it is now possible to play original Xbox games on your PC.

Cxbx-Reloaded is an emulator that allows you to play original Xbox games on PC. You can install the software on Windows or Linux, assuming that your device meets the minimum system requirement. It doesn’t run the games with so much texture, but its performance is very smooth and impressive. You can get the Cxbx-Reloaded emulator on GitHub.

robots favicon Where to Live Stream PC and Console Games Online?

Game streaming is new in the gaming industry. If you are confident enough with your gaming skills, this might be something you want to partake in. It could be a venue for you to expand your network, and who knows, you could be a gaming celebrity!

Streaming gameplay means sharing a game and your reaction as you play to an audience through an online broadcast. To do this, you need the internet and of course a streaming app. While the current generation consoles already have their respective default game streaming services, you can still download and use the app that you prefer. Here’s an overview of the game streaming apps you can use.

Twitch Gaming


Twitch is the live streaming service of Amazon. If you want to reach a wider audience, then you wouldn’t go wrong. But as the leading streaming platform, sharing a game on Twitch would require a bit of a chore.

There are a couple of things you need before you can broadcast on Twitch. First and foremost, you have to install the Twitch app then set up an account or sign in if you already have one. Just remember that not all PC games have built-in support for Twitch. For that, you will need a third-party streaming program to start broadcasting. For a basic stream, the Open Broadcast Software (OBS) can do the job.

How to Stream on Twitch
Youtube Gaming

Youtube Gaming

YouTube offers a solid competitor for live streaming games or other events. Broadcasting your games on YouTube is pretty straightforward compared to other platforms. The first thing you do is to schedule an event on YouTube. Similarly, you will also need an OBS account or other third-party streaming program to start your YouTube broadcast.

How to Stream on Youtube Gaming
Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming

Streaming Games on Facebook is a bit complicated compared to other streaming services. Aside from a personal account, you also need a Gaming Video Creator Page to start streaming from PC. Only after that, you will be able to access the Creator Portal and schedule a live stream. Simply get your keystream and paste it to your streaming software to start your broadcast on Facebook Gaming.

How to Stream on Facebook Gaming

robots favicon What is The Best Internet Speed for Gaming?

Most of the exciting games nowadays have to be played online. This means you need a good internet speed for online gaming. Without it, it’s too impossible to advance in a game. A faulty and slow internet connection is the easiest way to defeat. But, what internet speed do we consider as best, or at least good, for gaming?

Most gaming platforms like consoles recommend an internet with at least 3Mbps download speed and 1 Mbps upload speed. But, for a better experience download speeds must be closer to 15 Mbps for players. You can always check internet speed online using speed checkers.

There are several reasons why your current internet speed is way too low than what is required. But the most common issue is low reception. For this, you can use WiFi boosters to speed up your internet.

robots favicon What is The Best Gaming VPN Available in The Market Now?

When gaming, it’s inevitable to visit sites that can sometimes compromise the security of your device. That is why gamers should also consider setting up a VPN to secure your connection as well as your data. For that, here are the best VPN service providers that will safeguard your gaming experience.

NordVPN Logo


NordVPN creates a safe place where you can browse anonymously. The best part about it is that it helps secure your connection so you won’t get disconnected while you’re in-game. It fights bandwidth throttling, prevents malware attacks, and shoosh DDoS.

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There are some games you cannot play in some locations ー this is where ExpressVPN comes in. With over 3,000 servers in 94 countries, it allows you to access geo-restricted content without compromising your security. Try it in 30 days for free!

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cyberghost logo


CyberGhost is a user-friendly VPN that gives you the benefits of unrestricted browsing and secure connection. It also gets rid of ads and trackers.

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robots favicon Gaming is Limitless – It’s All About Creativity

That’s the wrap for all the things you must know about console and PC gaming. It might be easy to start casual gaming. But taking it seriously can be overwhelming. This guide aims to accompany you in becoming an expert gamer!

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