32 Best PlayStation PSVR Games [Updated 2022]

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Best PSVR Games

A couple of years back, virtual reality was somewhat difficult to be incorporated in home consoles due to hardware limitations. The first attempt of Nintendo Virtual Boy in 1995 was deemed a failure. Fast forward to 2012, the Oculus Rift became the first virtual reality device for home use. This innovation didn’t have to wait long for competition as Sony came up with their own VR hardware. With technological advancement, the PlayStation VR (PSVR) that we know and love today was finally released back in 2016.

With VR mode being more and more demanding in the gaming world, there are plenty of virtual reality games available for all types of consoles, including the PlayStation 4. For this list, we’ve got you some of the best PSVR games that are worth playing today.


What Are PSVR Games?

What Does PSVR Stand for?

1PlayStation VR
Photo from Amazon


The PSVR is a shortcut for Sony’s PlayStation Virtual Reality. This is a headset released exclusively by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It joins the ranks of the Oculus Rift and more as one of the best VR Headset models you can get right now

As for its features, the PSVR gives its users a 360-degree look into the world of their game. This feature brings your game to life, immersing you into the experience in the process. 

The PSVR also has the standard built-in mic that you can use when you are playing with your friends. Some PSVR games are multiplayer, giving you the opportunity to enjoy virtual reality with other people. Last, the PSVR also boasts 3D audio. This means you can hear sounds travel around you coming from different directions in the game. This immerses you deeper into the reality of whatever you are playing.



Developer: SIE Japan Studio

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission is a brand new platformer designed exclusively for PSVR. Featuring the signature Astro Bot/Captain Bot from The Playroom, players are off for an adventure with Astro Bot as an avatar to save the crew around the space.

The exclusive VR function allows players to fully immersed in the game through body movements. You get the Bots to get past obstacles or headbutt any objects in the scenery by using the Dual Shock 4 controller to navigate the character. Also, the character reacts instantaneously as you jump or making any movements precisely.

To complete this PSVR game, players must accomplish the mission by finding the 8 missing robots. At every successful level, players can unlock different missions, skills, and gadgets. Some of the examples include a shuriken, hook shot, magic light, and a slingshot.

Get your Astro Bot VR here with VR console and Moss as a complete bundle now.


Developer: Impulse Gear

Farpoint is one of the first-person shooter (FPS) PSVR games that stimulate distinct gameplay in an alienated planet. As an adventure set on a hostile alien planet, players are on a mission to escape the alien world with an astronomer who is stranded on the planet.

Players must survive the alien life by defeating attacking aliens. One of the key features is players must utilize the holographic logs to eventually track down the scientist’s location and reunite.

Uncover the secrets of the planet and scavenge any reusable resources to advance in Farpoint. Maximize the use of PS VR Aim controller to attack and survive the attacks. Try on the PSVR headset in Farpoint, it helps to navigate and view the surroundings with interactive audios. This game features both single-player campaigns and cooperative play online.

To complete your gaming set, get your Farpoint PSVR Aim Controller Bundle here now.


Developer: Superhot Team

Superhot was first released on the PC. After a year, it finally landed on the PlayStation 4. As a minimalistic approach to FPS games, this game makes players kill incoming enemies strategically with weapons or melee attacks. Since time halts while the player character isn’t moving, players are given the opportunities to plan, decide, and execute their moves more precisely. This adds an advantage for players to alter their actions. Actions include dodging a bullet or strategic attacks to take out the enemies effectively.

The Superhot VR focuses on the VR aspects without neglecting the original gameplay. If you’re new to PSVR games, this is a great game to start with.


Developer: SIE London Studio

If you seek something more action-packed, Blood and Truth is for you. As an FPS title exclusively made for the PSVR, it is a story-driven game that players can finish within a few hours.

Players will assume to control Ryan Marks, an ex-special force soldier who must save his family from a London crime lord. Blood and Truth allow the players to take cover behind objects and shoot the enemies through various types of movements. The VR mode adds a dramatic effect especially whenever players pull the trigger. However, the aiming feature when shooting and interacting with objects in the area requires the use of the VR headset.

Get your complete Blood and Truth PSVR set here.


Developer: Owlchemy Labs

Love working without actually working?

Job Simulator is a great escape from reality. A real-life inspired PSVR game, players plays the role of a human who must complete his or her job according to the tasks assigned.

In this virtual reality game, players are assumed to be living in the year 2050. Robots are now handling all the tasks and jobs, while the JoBot was created to teach humans how to actually get a job done. The game simulates in an office workspace that players can navigate around and accomplish simple tasks. They can also just screw around and make a mess of their cubicle. Players can use the PlayStation Move controllers as their hands to interact with objects in the surroundings.

Drop your pen and pencils, start working now in Job Stimulator.


Developers: Monstars, Resonair, Enhance Games

Infinite is a remastered version of the classic Rez game that was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2001. The game features a musical rail shooter, where players will shoot any incoming objects. The music produces effects that are generated by the player’s action.

The Infinite version features HD visuals and the feature to use VR adds immersion to the game. Fans of electric music will surely love this PSVR game. Get yours now here.


Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

The seventh installment of the long-running combat flight action game, Ace Combat VR features photorealistic visuals to stimulate the feeling of being in the cockpit of a fighter plane. Featuring arcade-like gameplay, Ace Combat is both easy and challenging to play. Become an ace pilot and start taking down enemies through tactical dogfighting.

Ace Combat features a story campaign with the objective to eliminate the enemy’s fighters effectively. Every accomplished mission allows players to unlock different upgrades and new aircraft with unique functionalities. The VR mode adds a layer of realism to the gameplay within and outside of the cockpit.


Developer: Survios

Based on the movie Creed, this virtual reality boxing game offer opportunities for players to experience the pulse-pounding and cinematic excitement of boxing. Players are put in the shoes of Adonis Creed as he trains and ascends from an underdog boxer into a world-class fighter.

Get hands-on now with Creed to train with the legendary Rocky Balboa. Training with the top boxer will help improve his skills as he takes on an array of opponents. Players can relive the story of the film with the Career mode or challenge a friend or a player contender in Quick Match.


Developer: First Contact Entertainment Inc.

Firewall Zero Hour has elements of tactical combat with a good blend of action features. Players take on the role of a contractor who takes on assigned tasks from responsible agents.

In Firewall, there a total of 12 contractors to choose from. Each character features unique primary and secondary skills with distinct customizations as well as a passive skill for mission accomplishment. There are different weapon load-outs for primary and secondary weapons added for customization. Up to four players can participate in the game through matchmaking, and players can practice first with AI enemies on a solo mission. With an overall review score of more than 4 stars out of 5, this FPS PSVR game is simply one of the best VR games you can get for your PSVR.


Developer: Bethesda Game Studios

From the award-winning Bethesda Studios, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR reimagines what is an already-exceptional fantasy masterpiece. Left in the continent of Skyrim, players need to survive a grand battle with ancient dragons tucked away in the rugged mountains in the midst of a bloody civil war.

This action role-playing VR game allows the player to have full control over any actions or decisions they make. Players can choose to challenge the dragons to unlock their skills and powers or to unravel the dark secrets of the dragon lair.


Developer: Ubisoft

The release of Star Trek Bridge Crew for the PSVR means players can finally fulfill their dreams of becoming a part of the Starfleet. Bridge Crew put players in any of the four available roles: captain, tactical officer, engineer, and helm officer. Each role needs to carry out specific responsibilities to complete the mission as a team. Players must work together for USS Aegis as they continue to search for a new Vulcan homeworld. If you love Star Trek, this game is certainly for you. The best part is that this PSVR game is inspired by the events of the 2009 Star Trek movie.


Developer: Beat Games

A unique combination of musical rhythm and hack-and-slash mechanics, Beat Saber is one of the best PSVR games that are challenging, fun, and addicting to play. Players wield sabers in this game to slash blocks according to the music. While the PlayStation Move controller is perfect for slashing incoming blocks.

Players must slash the beats corresponding to the colors and directions. The challenging part is players must time their slashes precisely according to the music. For a higher score, players must accumulate combos for their slashes. If you love music and want to challenge your speed and accuracy, Beat Saber is certainly the game for you.


Developer: Capcom

There probably isn’t anything else in VR as palm-sweating tense as Resident Evil. The latest entry to the survival horror franchise, Resident Evil 7 PSVR offers more of a horror game than a zombie shooter fest that the recent installments have been going for. Set in a fictional modern-day rural America, the game now features a first-person perspective. It is a new approach in the series, making the game far more terrifying and thrilling. This PSVR version makes the game a lot scarier with the free-roaming view when using the VR headset, it makes some chase scenes much scary and immersive.

*This game is not for any faint-hearted, so make sure you’re up for the gothic and gory graphics!


Developer: EPOS Game Studios

One of the classic futuristic racing games for the PlayStation, Wipeout gets a major HD treatment and VR feature that makes this a must-have PS VR title. The collections feature two of the bestselling titles in Wipeout and Wipeout 2048. Both of these games were given a remastered look, and it still features fast-paced racing and an ultra-smooth 60 frames per second framerate. Both games have a ton of content from previous Wipeout games to keep fans hooked for hours.


Developer: Gearbox Software

Borderlands 2 is a superb FPS title with some elements of RPG for acquiring a ton of weapon loot. It allows players in the world of Pandora and can play as any of the four classes that each offer a unique playing style. Borderlands 2 is available in solo or multiplayer mode in a shared co-op campaign where players can take on boss raids and acquire legendary weapons. The release of the VR version allows players to immerse themselves in full virtual reality. Borderlands 2 a must-have PS4 VR game for any shooter fans.




Developer: Tarsier Studios

Coming from the developers of Little Big Planet and horror darling Little Nightmares comes Statik. This VR game slightly differs from its popular titles but still carries its on-brand mind-boggling gameplay. 

In Statik, players have to solve puzzles while figuring out who they are. The hands you are using are not yours, and you have no idea who you are in the room with. 

Why are you solving puzzles in the first place? Maybe you will find out as you follow Dr. Ingen and his assistant Edith further down this rabbit hole of confusion. Play as they explore the human mind with you and learn how your senses may not always be what they seem. 

This game is a single-player experience, so you are always left to your own devices as you play along. 

Developer: Double Fine Productions

A game made for virtual reality, Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin is the 2017 addition to the classic Psychonauts series. Following this game is the much-anticipated Psychonauts 2, but this will not be a VR exclusive.

Going back, players will assume the role of Raz yet again in Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin. A young but talented psychic, he is finally asked to join the international group of spies called the Psychonauts.  However, it does not take long before he realizes that there is a lot of trouble that lies ahead.  Journeying to the Rhombus of Ruin with fellow psychic spies, Raz has to save Truman Zannotto, the head of their organization.

The Psychonauts series is known for its psychedelic and bright graphics with a dash of Inception-like mystery. If anything, this VR game is a long time coming for the developers and fans of the series. 



Developer: Polyarc

Moss is a single-player game for the PSVR. Like Statik and many other VR games, this is full of adventure and puzzles. See young mouse Quill’s fantastical world and journey with her as she faces it in all its magical glory. 

Pushing Quill to her journey is an accidental (yet fated) discovery of an ancient glass relic. Waking up dark ancient powers, she now needs your help to put an end to what she started. Do this by solving all the puzzles and mysteries her world has in store for you along the way. 

At the same time, you may also find yourself battling dangerous villains. Be wary and be brave; this game promises puzzles, combat, and loads of adventures. 

This is a well-rounded game to experience in virtual reality. You can even play this game on your PS5, if you have one, or have decided on getting it. If you have not, you can learn more about PS5 prices and specs for yourself. 

Developer: Camouflaj

This PlayStation VR game may need no introduction. With the success of the Marvel franchise, almost everyone in the world now knows Iron Man. In the same light, many might have imagined what it would be like to be the man. His life comes with flying across town, facing super villains, and even just enjoying life’s grandeur. 

Now, imagine living through that package yourself.  In Iron Man VR, players assume the role of Tony Stark. While the game immerses you into the Iron Man experience, it also gives you a problem only you, Tony, can solve. 

Face Ghost and Living Laser, two supervillains who want to put an end to Stark industries permanently. Their tech may match yours, but you can go higher and better. 

Customize your armor, gear up, and unlock Iron Man’s greatest abilities in the Iron Man VR. This is so perfect for the PlayStation VR that the PlayStation store is selling this bundled with the PSVR headset. 

Developer: Hello Games

No Man’s Sky was a game-changer in gaming. It played into human beings’ curiosity of outer space. Moreover, it dives into how we imagine the universe beyond us. With all its colors and wonder, this game can easily pass as a VR-exclusive. 

However, that was not the case. No Man’s Sky was released just like any other game, but now it has finally found its home in the PSVR.  This science-fiction game puts the universe at your fingertips as you scour the galaxy however you want to.

Land on unique planets and meet all kinds of life forms on No Man’s Sky Beyond. Discover what life means in every inch of the universe (at least how humans imagine it). Look up at the sky and see something different each time—see what makes each planet special. 

Not without a challenge, this game also brings out the fighter in you. Not all planets are home to friendly creatures, so you have to prepare yourself for the worst. Customize your ship, armor, and goals too.

Developer: Skydance Interactive LLC 

Zombies are not a surprising addition to VR gaming. With The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, what you see is what you get. It also helps that this is from a famous horror TV show. 

In this game, you will have to explore the dangerous and horrific city of New Orleans in a post-zombie apocalypse world. Like any other zombie survival game, you have to fight and survive through each day in the city.  Will you be a player for yourself or for others? The game warns that it will test your morals, so be ready to discover what your gamer persona is really made of. 

An added bonus, zombies are very sensitive to sound. This VR game heightens that. Good luck.

Developer: Rockstar Games

From the developers of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) comes the VR rendition of L.A. Noire.  Not a large departure from the themes of GTA V, L.A. Noire is a thriller that is unafraid of taking you to the criminal hubs of 1940’s Los Angeles. 

Play as Detective Cole Phelps and get your hands dirty trying to find justice in a world of crimes and conspiracies. The cases will be brutal and unforgiving, as this period is one of the most violent in American history. 

There are seven cases you can investigate which cover criminal acts ranging from Arson to Traffic. It can even go all the way to Homicide. 

Search for leads and interrogate without fear as you get to the bottom of the most brutal of situations. Detective Phelps has a thick skin and so should you once you play L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files.

Developer: Motive Studios

Set in one of the most popular sci-fi settings in the world, Star Wars: Squadrons brings players into the Star Wars universe. Released in 2020, this has been a fan favorite for almost a year now. 

How does this fare compare to other Star Wars games? This time around, you experience being a pilot in the universe. See what life has in store for pilots after the events of Return of the Jedi. 

As usual, you will get to see the two sides of this situation. The dark and the light will both try to suck you in, so choose wisely. Charismatic characters and leaders are off to charm their way to you, so it’s best to decide with a clear heart.  For fans, this is an opportunity to fly iconic Star Wars fighters, from the A-wing to the TIE bomber. Of course, you can also customize your own fighter jets like a real immersed character in the story. 

Fly, combat, and decide for yourself. Will you be a part of the New Republic or a member of The Empire? Either way, let us hope you fly high.

Developer: Rocksteady Studios

Iron Man’s DC counterpart (some may see this as the other way around) also has his own VR game. Another rich and privileged man who wants to do good by his city, Batman: Arkham VR will give you a look into the life of the popular superhero. 

Situated in the Dark Knight Universe, Arkham VR is darker and more serious in tone compared to Iron Man VR. While both characters are tech geniuses with a lot of money, their personalities could not be any more different. 

In this, you get to look after and guide Gotham City as Batman. This involves solving puzzles and enhancing weapons. However, this game has no combat, which is rare for a superhero game. 

Still, this is one of the best PSVR games you could get. If you’re a big fan of Batman, this is a must-have title for you to try out.



Developer: Media Molecule 

Like Rec Room, Dreams is a PSVR game that challenges your creativity and reality. This hit is one of the best PSVR games anyone of any age can play. Best yet, it is a for-the-people and by-the-people project. 

Games you play on Dreams are made by players and chosen by Media Molecule themselves. The art, genre, and capabilities each game offers will differ.  

With Dreams, you do not have to wonder what a different game or ‘genre’ you could have bought in Dream. There is a low chance of regretting ever buying this game because it offers all types of genres and possibilities to its players. 

Where Rec Room is perfect for kids, Dreams is a better fit for adults. PSVR games offer a spectrum of possibilities, but not a lot offer as much as these titles do. Beyond playing, you can also learn to create games, music, art, and even memes using Dreams. Every day, a new game enters the Dream game from mini-games to full-fledged puzzles.


PlayStation Exclusives and Other VR Titles

Some PSVR games are exclusively made by Sony, which is another reason why you should consider adding a VR arm to your PlayStation consoles. Other VR titles make a name for themselves in PC gaming, but that does not mean Sony users should miss out on the fun. 

Here are titles that are either Sony exclusives or breakout PC VR games.


Paper Beast

Paper Beast
Photo from Steam

Get it on the Playstation Store


Developer: Pixel Reef

Another sandbox PSVR game, Paper Beast is where your creativity can also roam free. However, you have control over a wild ecosystem at your fingertips this time around. This is not just any ecosystem, however. Born out of the depths of big data, Paper Beast introduces animals and landscapes of an entirely new breed. 

To overcome the challenges that may come your way, you have to adapt or change around this environment. Weather the series of puzzles and questions that can be hurled along your way. At the same time, keep your creative juices flowing. and make your ecosystem thrive 

From the skies to the hills, change the world of Paper Beast as you wish. However, these do not come without their consequences. Interacting with other creatures, you may do what is best or worst for them. You will find out which is which. There are two game modes in Paper Beast, which is adventure and sandbox. Either way, you will dive deep into a world that is both familiar and unknown. 

The physics in this game checks out too, by the way. You best remember what you learned in school because it will be put to the test here. 


Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip
Photo from Steam


Get it on the Playstation Store


Developer: Cloudhead Games 

Guns and glory is the name of the game in Pistol Whip. Those who love their fair share of action movies can now live in one, thanks to one of the best PSVR games that meet that demand. 

However, it would not be a great PSVR game without a virtual reality twist. In Pistol Whip, you live through action scenes with their own crafted soundtracks. The music is not for show, either: you have to shoot and dodge to the rhythm of the songs. 

As a first-person shooter, this easily stands out. Listen to your pulse race alongside the music and let your rhythmic abilities take over. If you have none, then this may be the best time to practice. At the same time, you can develop your own shooting styles and stances depending on how you play Pistol Whip. 

A breeding ground for action and EDM fans, Pistol Whip is a great addition to your arsenal of PSVR games. 


The Persistence

The Persistence, one of the best PSVR games
Photo from Steam


Get it on the Playstation Store


Developer: Firesprite LTD

An original sci-fi game, The Persistence finds you aboard a lone starship in the middle of outer space. You are at the depths of the universe, and yet the starship is horrific in its own right. 

Play as Zimri Elder, a security officer and only person aboard the ship. Find your way back home to Earth by restoring the ship’s functions and abilities. 

Like many best PSVR games, things are not that easy. The ship is filled with cloned monsters that go against you, even wanting you dead. Unfortunately for them, death gives you a hard restart on life. Cloned into a new body, you can gather more resources and grow your arsenal of weapons that will save your life. 


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Photo from Steam


Get it on the Playstation Store


Developer: Steel Crate Games

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a game rooted in teamwork and patience. 

This game is simple: disarm a bomb with assistance from players that cannot even see what you are doing. Rely on word of mouth and do your best to save everyone within your bomb’s vicinity. Those on the other side of this situation have their own manuals with instructions on how to disarm a bomb. However, these instructions can get confusing—you better be patient with the player doing the dirty work for you. 

A fun party game, this adds to this list of the best PSVR games you can play. While this game is not a made-for-VR experience, isolation with the bomb can raise the stakes and make everything more nerve-wracking. 


A Fisherman’s Tale


Get it on the Playstation Store


Developer: Innerspace VR 

Putting an entirely new spin on cabin fever, A Fisherman’s Tale is one of the best PSVR games one could play today. It has a unique setting and premise, which makes sure you have never played a game like this before. 

In here, you are a recluse of a fisherman puppet named Bob. You do not have any means of fully knowing whatever happens outside your four walls. This backfires as you experience a dangerous storm where you now have to turn on your lighthouse’s light. 

When you get out, however, you see that reality is twisted and the world is upside down (and all around). There are apparently lighthouses inside lighthouses, and it seems impossible knowing which one is yours. 

This game is a perfect play on the PSVR. It plays with reality well, and challenges your brain and senses. 


I Expect You To Die

I Expect You to Die
Photo from Steam


Get it on the Playstation Store


Developer: Schell Games 

Another spy VR game, I Expect You To Die finds you as a secret agent with special abilities. Not unlike Psychonauts in Rhombus of Ruin, you have telekinetic abilities that you can use to finish your mission. 

What is your mission? This is where the Psychonauts comparison changes. I Expect You To Die is James Bond-esque, so the stakes are very human and high.  As a super spy, you have to stop Zoraxis, a company that gets its hands dirty in creating global weapons and medicine. 

Solve problems, puzzles, and be quick on your feet with I Expect You To Die. Making it even more interesting are your telekinesis powers, which you will discover more of as you play. 


Rec Room

Rec Room
Photo from PlayStation Europe


Get it on the Playstation Store


Developers: Rec Room Inc.

Not a lot of virtual reality games are multiplayer, so the ones that already are can capture your attention. Party games are the kind that are the best games to play online with friends, so those that want their fill of multiplayer VR should play Rec Room. 

Rec Room is a kid-friendly title that gives you access to anyone in the world. On the platform, you can talk to each other, play games, and just walk around different virtual dimensions. Think of Rec Room as No Man’s Sky but with other humans around. Also differing from No Man’s Sky, this game shines more of a light on creating worlds rather than exploring them. There are millions of worlds to play in, so the possibilities are endless with Rec Room. 

You can play dress up, discover new but weird games, and even play a round of paintball with your friends.  

Best yet, this game is cross-platform. A feature that many consoles boast in today, Rec Room is ahead of the curve on this one.  It may be confusing what Rec Room truly is like—just imagine a virtual playpen where anything is possible. It promises hours of fun for kids and adults alike. 


Why Should You Play PSVR Games?

Why Should You Play PSVR Games?
Photo from David Dvořáček on Unsplash


PSVR games are cost-effective choices because those who buy them mostly already have the hardware to run these games. Being a Sony exclusive, PSVR games are already compatible with the PS4 and (more recently) PS5 consoles. You need not worry about having a powerful-enough machine to run your game, though VR on PC can be a different experience on its own. 

Moreover, PSVR games are immersive spins to your favorite worlds and characters. Live through life with Iron Man’s powers, or experience what it means to be a pilot for the New Republic. Those who love No Man’s Sky can also finally get a feel of what it means to hop across planets in-game. 

If not, PSVR games introduce entirely different worlds altogether. You can even create games and worlds on your own that other VR players can enjoy for themselves.


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