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Best Audiophile Headphones For Music Enthusiasts

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Status Audio CB-1 Monitor Headphones

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Audiophile Headphone

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Edifier H850 Professional Audiophile Headphones

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Massdrop x AKG K7XX

Audiophile headphones come with the best sound quality. You’ll get the best audio experience possible with a pair of these. So whether you’re streaming good music (and debating whether to use Apple Music vs. Spotify) or immersing yourself in a podcast, these picks are for you.

There is not a lot of information available out there about buying headphones. Never fear, this guide has everything you need to know about audiophile headphones.

Best Audiophile Headphones

Quality: 4.5/5

Value for money: 4.5/5

Overall performance: 4.5/5

First on our list is from a well-trusted brand, Sennheiser. The HD 600 is not only boosting great quality sound but also its design. It has an elegant design that has a black and grey finish. It also has open metal-mesh earpiece covers that make it a cut above the rest. It’s made from an oxygen-free copper cable that’s detachable. The headphones are also Kevlar reinforced for durability. 

The Sennheiser headphones have lightweight aluminum coils and Neodymium ferrous magnets. These are two high-quality components that make audiophile headphones useful to everyone. The magnet system is computer optimized. This helps lessen intermodulation distortion and maximizes performance. 

These well-designed headphones produce accurate and natural sound. It’s something that all audiophiles, audio technicians or music enthusiasts will enjoy. 

Quality: 4/5

Value for money: 4.5/5

Overall performance: 4/5

Are you a professional who wants to have a consistent sound quality from your audio source? Or just an audiophile who wants to maximize your enjoyment from music? Whichever you are, the Status Audio CB-1 Monitor Headphone is for you. 

With its 50mm drivers, these headphones deliver a neutral sound signature. It will not interfere with the natural characteristics of the music source. Plus, it comes with detachable cables, both coiled and straight. The headphones are foldable for easier storage in your bag or on the shelf. 

Quality: 3.5/5

Value for money: 3.5/5

Overall performance: 3.5/5

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is perfect for studio listening. The audiophile headphones come with unique 45mm drivers. These drivers consist of rare earth magnets that have aluminum wire voice coils in copper.

Do you want to know why it can deliver optimal sound quality? Well, these headphones develop exceptional music clarity and deep accurate bass note production. The circumaural design seals out background noise. Plus, the ear cups on these headphones can swivel 90-degrees. The ATH-M50x is great for packing away for travel or even for one-ear sound monitoring.

Quality: 4/5

Value for money: 3.5/5

Overall performance: 3.5/5

The Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Studio Headphones has studio-level quality. These audiophile headphones are perfect for professional music mixing, editing, and mastering. They have soft circumaural velour ear pads that are very comfortable to wear. Not to mention a 3-meter coiled cable that can give the user extra room to work. The braided cord that terminates in a 6.35mm jack.

It has high-quality drivers that deliver strong bass and transparent treble sounds. That’s why this is perfect for professionals doing studio work. These headphones come in their drawstring bag plus an instruction booklet. With its quality components, the DT 990 will give you many hours of listening.

Quality: 3/5

Value for money: 4/5

Overall performance: 3.5/5

On a budget but looking for quality audiophile headphones? This is for you! The Edifier H850 will give you excellent audio experience without breaking your bank. Design-wise, it is very lightweight and can comfortably fit on your ears. Plus, they have leather pads suitable for noise isolation. 

It comes with 40mm Neodymium magnet drivers that deliver great sound reproduction. The ear cups are foldable, which means that you can take it anywhere you like! No more bulky headphones to pack. That’s why this is suitable for music lovers who love to enjoy music anywhere, anytime. 

Audiophile Headphones Buying Guide

An audiophile is a person who loves to have the best listening experience possible. And behind every audiophile is a great pair of headphones. A good headset can take you a long way, and there’s a wide variety to choose from.

But the myriad of features can intimidate even the most experienced audiophile. Lucky for you, this guide has everything you need to know. From headphone parts to features, we’ve got you covered. These tips will guarantee you audiophile headphones that last a lifetime.


Audiophile Headphone Flat Response

Before anything else, let’s talk about the Flat Response. What is so important about this? A flat response is when an audio device — or in this case, headphones — outputs all frequencies at equal levels. This means that you will get the same audio as the device input. 

The frequency isn’t halved or boosted so you get to listen to the authentic reproduction of the music. A lot of audiophile headphones have this feature, so it’s something you should consider.


Sound Drivers

If we’re talking about common headphones, having a larger sound driver means better sound. But not with audiophile headphones. Their purpose is not to reproduce but to replicate the sound derived from the audio source. Some of the best headphones come from rare earth elements. This also includes aluminum coils and Neodymium ferrous magnets. 

The best ones use computers to accurately design the said components down to a fine level. For speaker size, look for sound drivers that are at least 40mm to ensure the best sound expression. 


Audiophile Headphone Cord

We know that this is probably the last thing you would consider checking out, but this is very crucial. You should look for cords that feature oxygen-free copper (OFC). This will send headphone audio in the best way possible.

What is so great about this material? OFC reduces the possibility of audio signal transmission. It only means that the headphones don’t degrade in transmission. This will result in better audio reproduction. 


Closed Or Open Back Headphones?

If you’re not new to the headphone game, you know that open-back headphones are the way to go. This is because the sound output from the drivers doesn’t bounce off the ear cups and cause sound distortion. It allows the music to escape through the back of the headphones, letting the music breathe

Luckily, there are new headphones that can fix the distortion. Some manufacturers use Gorilla Glass and special chambers that absorb the sound. This is to prevent it from bouncing back to the drivers. This works well in improving the audio’s precision but it can cost a hefty amount. 

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