The Best Gaming Mouse Picks: A Gamer’s Guide

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When talking about hardware peripherals for your PC, you will always see 2 pieces of hardware go hand in hand. The keyboard, and the mouse. The mouse is a PC user’s conductor’s baton. It’s how he or she directs the PC to do his/her bidding and there are some great mouse options out there. But for gamers? Well, they need a particular and fiercer type of mouse for the rigors of their play. They need a gaming mouse.


Best Gaming Mouse Models Under $50

The Corsair Harpoon is a gaming mouse that promises great quality and design that rivals more expensive models. It’s simple in design, but the performance and value to shows cannot be denied. This gaming mouse can be connected directly to your PC using a USB cable despite being a primarily wireless mouse, but you probably won’t need this. It also has a latency speed of under 1 millisecond.

All six buttons on this mouse is customizable through the use of its software interface. add the inclusion of Omron sensors, which means that this mouse will last you for a long, LONG time to come (rated for 50 million clicks). A dedicated button gives you the ability to scroll through five presets of differing varieties, a great addition that allows you to shift seamlessly between one game genre to another.

Check out the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless on Amazon today and upgrade your gaming experience.

This Pictek is a low-cost gaming mouse, but with the performance that you won’t expect from something of that price, it’s well worth the buy. The appeal is how much variety in terms of control you have over your polling rate and DPI settings. Although multiple defaults are available for each of them. It has software that’s included to allow you to edit these to specs that suit your play styles in different types of games. Add that with the software being easy to use and it’s another check on the list.

If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find the options to change sensitivity, click and scrolling speeds, and lighting configurations as well. With the addition that also supports granular macro customization.

Though the build quality isn’t top-notch (it IS only at the $50 below range after all), it’s far better than what the price would suggest. Its grip is firm even without a textured design, keep in mind though that it’s a mouse designed for a claw grip.

Check out this offering from PICTEK and get a great gaming mouse without destroying your budget.


Best Gaming Mouse under $100

EVGA has always been known for creating some of the best products when talking about PC gaming hardware. But what some people might not know is that they also make gaming mice. This one, in particular, is best for any kind of gaming.

It features a total of 9 programmable buttons and includes an 8200 DPI sensor and a super-comfortable ambidextrous grip.

The palm rest and buttons are height-adjustable; the frame is carbon fiber. This not only makes it look cool but makes it a lighter compared to plastic. However, do note that you need a tool that comes with the mouse to adjust its height. Lose that, and well, good luck adjusting it.

Check out the EVGA Torq X10 Carbon today and start dominating the competition.


Best Gaming Mouse Models Under $200

The Razer Naga series has always been one of the best mouse series that Razer released. In addition to being a great mouse for MMO type games. It’s one of the best gaming mouse products in the market, however, there are flaws. And it isn’t perfect. Due to 1 drawback.

The 12 thumb-buttons are awesome for getting hotkeys and macros off almost instantly. Well, 9 of them are. The last row? Those are closer to your wrist. Thus it’s hard to reach for many people.

Its switches and sensor are Razer proprietary items, but they’re alright nonetheless.

But we digress, the Naga is comfortable for damn near any size of hand. Plus, the 8200DPI sensor couldn’t be any smoother. The tilt-click scroll wheel is great for choosing hotkey configs, or for anything else you’ll need. It’s pretty hard to find a better gaming mouse for MMOs.

Check out the Razer Naga Chroma on Amazon and get a premium mouse without going out of your budget.

The OG Razer Basilisk did something clever for FPS mice. Instead of having a third “sniper” button to lower the mouse’s DPI when you’re lining up your shots, instead had a clutch. This strip of metal is easier to find, and more convenient to click down on, compared to a sniper button.

The Razer Basilisk’s Version 2 improves on this great design. This is done by adding a better sensor, better gliding feet, and an adjustable scroll wheel. It’s particularly helpful for FPS players who have need to aim precisely, but it’s also a great all-purpose gaming mouse. If you don’t want to use the clutch you can simply remove it and plug the hole with a rubber stopper instead.

Check out the Razer Basilisk V2 on Amazon and get better results when playing FPS games.

Another Razer mouse makes it to the list. The Razer Naga Trinity is possible the best gaming mouse you can get for MMOs. But due to the unique design, it’s also one of the best gaming mouse you can purchase for MOBAs use, or any game in general. This will all depend on how you configure the mouse.

Instead of using a single style of thumb buttons, the Naga Trinity gives you 3 panels you can swap with: one that has two buttons, another with seven buttons that form a “hex” pattern. And lastly, one that contains a whopping 12 buttons.

The 12-button configuration is VERY useful for MMOs like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Black Dessert Online and other MMO greats. In addition to this, the other side panels make sure that you can use the mouse with just about any game you wish to use it with and it’ll still function as advertised. Of course, due to this, it’s a pretty heavy mouse. Which is awesome for gamers with big hands. Lastly, the side panels are easy to remove if you wish to swap for another game.

Check out the Razer Naga Trinity today and upgrade your MMORPG playing experience.


Best Gaming Mouse Models for FPS games

Why do many gamers wish to use a wired gaming mouse instead of their wireless version?

Well, the main reason for this is because wired gaming mouse models usually don’t halt connectivity and will ALWAYS render stutter-free performance compared to their wireless counterparts.

Now though? Razer’s come up with something that integrates their Hyperspeed technology to help users get lightning-fast speeds without the stuttering or connectivity issues.

The first thing we need to discuss is the fact that this is a collaboration between Razer and Pixart. And to the credit of both, they’ve equipped the mouse with smart tracking that immediately calibrates to a new surface and it’ll still offer a consistent, smooth, and error-free result.

The mouse has optomechanical switches, a light-based mechanical switch used to get faster information compared to ordinary switches. The gamers who prefer the use of mechanical switches would like to have this mouse with them.

The Razer Viper combines a new focus with its optical sensor that produces a 16K dpi sensitivity and its Chroma RGB lighting has 16.8 million color options to choose from. Razer’s implemented Hyperspeed tech helps it to gain a latency-free wireless mouse status and all in all doesn’t have most of the usual connection issues. Lastly, it’s 70-hour battery time will ensure that you can game for as long as you wish unbound to a wire and the charging dock is super convenient to use.

Check out Razer Viper Ultimate on Amazon and get a mouse that can last a long time.

With time the mouse and keyboard have been getting compact and ultra-lightweight. If you’re one of those people that wishes to get an ultra-lightweight model with a unique design, well this mouse is for you.

The mouse weighs just around 53g. One of if not THE lightest gaming mouse you’ll ever come across. Its honeycomb shell helps lower the weight further, making it useful and accessible to many. Do note that if you wish for a hefty mouse this might not be the mouse you’re looking for. But if it is, it delivers.

It has a symmetrical shape, with 2 thumb buttons on its left, nothing on its right. The mouse claims that it caters to both right and left-handed users. But the layout seems to cater more to right-handed individuals making the ambidextrous claim a bit misleading.

In addition to this, the mouse has an ABS plastic construction. And a portion of the plastic is taken out that helps in lessening the weight. Lastly, the MM710 adheres to Master Plus, allowing you to update the firmware to make it compatible with any PC or laptop.

The mouse has a PixArt PMW 339 sensor inside which has a higher range compared to other mouse models or designs. With its seven steps of DPI level, from 400-16000 with 1200 DPI as its default setting, this mouse offers the user greater precision, control, and future-proofing. And last but not the least, under the unassuming shell of its design, the Cooler Master MM710 has three White PTFE feet to ensure smooth, stutter-free glide on any surface that this mouse’s bottom will touch.

Check out the Cooler Master MM710 on Amazon and start dominating your favorite games.


Best Gaming Mouse Models for MOBAs

The G403 shares quite a bit of similarity with its contemporary, the G502. Which puts it to a great start in terms of design choice. However, the G403 also has a few tricks up its sleeves compared to the grizzled G502. The new Prodigy design is slick and, incredibly lightweight. True, not everyone is enthused to a lightweight mouse, but once you get used to it, the speed and responsiveness of its reactions are almost unfair in comparison to other mouse options in the market.

The G403 has the traditional Logitech MW3366 optical sensor. One of the best that Logitech currently has to offer. Other than the brand new Hero sensor, there are very few rivals that would do a better job. The precision, tracking, and most importantly, the responsiveness of the mouse is top tier, and for some people, it’s no wonder why many pros are beginning to switch over to get a G403 due to it being mostly made for competitive play.

Thus, it’s one of the best gaming mouse you’ll get for competitive Esports veterans or even newbies that look to improve their performance in their chosen Esport competition.

Check out the Logitech G403 today and get top tier performance when playing MOBA games.

This right here is one of the most reliable gaming mouse products for many types of games. But especially for FPS, MOBA as well as RPG games in the market. Even though the mouse only has just five programmable buttons, all five can be programmed independently, unlike most other mice that are currently on the market today. With its state-of-the-art synapse program, you can customize anything you want on the mouse at any time. This on-the-fly adjustment of anything and everything is something that many look for in their mouse.

However, the color synchronization and lighting of the mouse is a bit overplayed on the marketing front. Taking realism into account, there are only a few distinct colors that are available without the variants overlapping themselves. This is the same with its DPI. Every other brand in the market offers 16K DPI and well over 16 million LED colors. And honestly? You’ll never use or see a huge fraction of the colors that they advertise. It sounds good on paper, but damn near impossible as of now. That being said, it’s better to have too many options than too few in people’s perspectives.

The Ergonomics is a huge strong point for the DeathAdder. Like the Logitech G502 (Which we just discussed prior). This is one of the best gaming mouse that’s currently in the market when in regards to comfort, regardless of the grip style of the individual buying it. The grip this mouse has is pretty good. The only concern is that the build quality of the buttons is a wee bit on the downscale. As some issues do arise within half a year of continuous play.

Check out the Razer DeathAdder V2 on Amazon and dominate your favorite MOBA game.


What is a Gaming Mouse?

A gaming mouse is at its core a desktop mouse with extra functions that makes it best suited for gaming and high-intensity programming. These features allow the mouse in question to do better when used with more taxing programs on the user. Allowing him/her quicker reactions and more comfortable movements.


Things to Look For When You’re Buying A Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse has certain attributes and characteristics that make it different from a normal mouse. Things like high dpi setting, extra macro keys, multi-key toggling and high polling rate. These things are necessary when looking for a gaming mouse that fits your needs. And we’re going to be discussing them one by one.



DPI (AKA dots per inch) is how far your mouse cursor will move on screen for a specified length of mouse movement (In short your mouse sensitivity). The more DPI, the more sensitivity your mouse will have. Most gaming mice tend to have a higher DPI range that the buyer can choose. An example of this is the low-end desktop mouse Logitech M90 (Rs.300).

This mouse has a fixed DPI of 1,000. the Logitech G402 has a user-configurable DPI range of 200–4,000. And lastly, a high-end mouse like the Logitech G502 also has a user-configurable DPI range of 200–12,000. The optical sensors that are used in all the gaming mouse options mentioned are better hence the cost. This tech helps in reducing the lag between mouse and cursor movements, and also allows it a higher DPI.


Macro Keys

Macro keys are the extra keys on your gaming mouse that allows the user to input many in-game functions to said keys for convenience. Such functions may include reloading a gun, changing to another weapon, and interacting with in-game objects can be one of the many possible functions you put on the macro keys. Certain macro keys may also allow you to program it so that you can send a command if it’s being clicked repeatedly. One of the best features in the gaming mouse overall.


Multi-key toggle

The Multi-Key Toggle helps the mouse in sending multiple commands to the PC when you click multiple keys all at the same time. This enables faster, quicker and multiple actions on your gaming sessions.


Polling rate

This is the rate at which your mouse relays information to your PC. Said information includes mouse clicks, the fact that your mouse moved, et cetera. It’s measured in Hertz (Hz). The more Hertz, the less lag, which means faster response time.



What many consider to be the most important factor one must take into account when buying a gaming mouse. You need to find one that’s ergonomically designed to fit in your palm and also provides great comfort while you’re playing for many hours. It also needs to be lightweight for easy control.


How Do You Take Care of a Gaming Mouse?

Gaming Mouse
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You don’t need to do that much when it comes to cleaning your mouse. But as per usual, always turn off your PC and unplug the mouse before cleaning. We don’t want any accidents.

The one thing you’ll need to do is to simply disinfect and wipe the mouse clean. Nothing else. Compared to the keyboard, cleaning the mouse is a simple affair. Simply wipe it clean, and use a dry towel to wipe the excess water. Problem solved.

If you’re looking for more buying guides, here is our list of the best graphics card, best gaming laptop and best prebuilt gaming PC models right now. If you’re interested in building your dream desktop, we also have a “How To Build A Gaming PC” article that can help you out.

The Best Gaming Mouse Picks: A Gamer’s Guide

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