The 10 Best FPS PC Games Of All Time

Borderlands 2

To gamers, nothing beats the actions and satisfaction from playing a First-person Shooting (FPS) game. As an active player, FPS works best to help player portray his or her actions through the point of view of a protagonist. Imagining you’re in a real apocalypse world, FPS best mirror your actions based on what you’ll do in real life.

Though FPS game is not necessary on a solo match, gamers are free to join a team to accomplish assigned missions or tasks. Despite the satisfaction of beating the odds against the other team, strategist comes hand in hand with one another for a battle of planning, execution, and teamwork. So, if you’re here, you’re probably looking for a challenge in one of these games.

We curated a list of the best FPS games on PC of all time. And these games are the timeless classics and recent titles that are still worth playing over and over again.

1. Overwatch

Release Year: 2016
Developer: Blizzard

Before its creation, Blizzard had an ambitious game in development called Project Titan that was eventually canceled. And the remains of that project were made into this hit team-based shooter.

Set in a futuristic world, Overwatch puts players into different heroes. Each having their own unique skills and weaponry where each player must work together to defeat the opposing team. If it’s not convincing enough, it also features different game modes and seasonal player versus environment missions for more unique gameplay.

Over the years, game changes have been made. Special modes are added to help the player earn extra loot boxes, a multitude of heroes, maps and modes have been refined too. While most heroes like Symmetra and Mercy has undergone some feature upgrades, Overwatch prioritized its game alterations for fun and engaging interface. Try it yourself now.

2. Half-Life 2

Release year: 2004
Developer: Valve

The sequel to the hit sci-fi best person shooter of 1998. Half-Life 2 exceeded the expectations from its predecessor to provide great story and gameplay. Players return to the game as Gordon Freeman as he tries to escape from the Black Mesa Research Facility when an experiment went horribly wrong.

New to the game is the gravity gun that can be used to attract objects and use them as a projectile. Half-Life 2 spawned two-episode releases to continue the story and the community continues to add new content in a form of mods that added unique weapons, missions or character skins to the game. Try it out here.

3. Counter-Strike

Release Year: 2000
Developer: Valve

Originally a mod for Half-Life, it became a phenomenal hit to the gamers as it became one of the best FPS games on PC. Focusing on a modern-day military shooter, Counter-Strike puts players into team-based matches and battle against each other in a team deathmatch format.

Featuring weapons used by military and police enforcers, players can purchase them at the start of the match and must rely on teamwork to win the round. The game had received constant updates and launched a new follow up the game a few years later called Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

4. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Release Year: 2007
Developer: Infinity Ward

The fourth installment of the Call of Duty franchise, the game shifted from the World War II era to the modern-day for a refreshing take on first-person shooters.

COD4 Modern Warfare offers an engaging story campaign with plot twists inspired by Hollywood military thriller films, and also provides a newer take on the gameplay. The multiplayer mode was the biggest highlight as many players continue to play and sometimes compete in tournaments. A remastered edition was launched a few years later that featured improved graphics and a revamped multiplayer. Get yours now here.

5. Bioshock

Release Year: 2007
Developer: Irrational Games

Considered as a spiritual successor to the System Shock series, Bioshock features a blend of RPG elements to make this single-player first-person shooter very engaging.

Set in a retrofuturistic 1960s in a fictional underwater city of Rapture, players must unravel the secrets of the city while trying to find a way to escape. The blend of plot twists and horror-like atmosphere made the game memorable, especially the Big Daddy and the Little Sisters. It released a sequel and a different Bioshock game set in a different timeline and location.

6. Team Fortress 2

Release Year: 2007
Developer: Valve

The game that popularized the team-based first-person shooter. Team Fortress 2 is the sequel to the Team Fortress Classic game which was a mod for Half-Life and before that, Quake. Featuring quirky characters with unique specialties and cartoonish visuals that make it feel like a Saturday morning cartoon.

Team fortress also offers different game modes that make sure you’re hooked with the game. After a few revision from its initial release, this game has become a free first-person shooter game and has garnered thousands of active players globally.

7. Doom

Release year: 1993
Developer: ID Software

After the success of Wolfenstein, in which many have considered that put first-person shooters on the map, ID Software released their new first-person shooter. Doom continued to bring the popularity of the genre to a wider audience with its intense gameplay and gore.

Playing as Space Marine, players must fight their way out of hell against the hordes of demons. Doom was known for its gore and violence at that time which was very new at that period, but it became a successful title because of it. It has released several versions with additional levels and improved graphics, as well as sequels and remakes throughout the years.

8. Borderlands 2

Release Year: 2012
Developer: Gearbox Software

A combination of RPG and first-person shooter, Borderlands 2 provides both a great single-player and multiplayer experience. Featuring a Mad Max-style of the world with crude humor, it became a hit for the current generation of gamers along with its cel-shaded graphics that made the game stand out.

It features four different characters each with unique skill sets and players can collect loot of weapons from treasures or slain enemies for a chance to get more powerful gear. It has spawned different story expansions in a form of downloadable content and sequel titles. As a result, Borderlands is possibly one of the best first-person shooter games for PC.

9. Left 4 Dead 2

Release Year: 2009
Developer: Valve

Another Valve developed game, Left 4 Dead 2 is one of the popular team-based shooters. In the multiplayer mode, this game puts players in the role of one of the four survivors. One must find their way to escape the city and clear out any attacking zombies from their path.

However, the challenging part is the different types of enemy zombies that will be attacking the players. On the bright side, this game features a revive capability for any fallen players in order to survive the level.

10. Rainbow Six Siege

Release Year: 2015
Developer: Ubisoft

The latest installment to the Rainbow Six franchise by Tom Clancy, Siege offers more of the competitive multiplayer aspect and not the just realistic approach that is known for the series. This team-based shooter allows players to pick and choose specific Operators with unique abilities. With weapon loadout that puts them in certain multiplayer missions, players must eliminate the opposing team effective to win.

The added realism of modern-day combat adds immersion to the game as well as putting a more strategic approach. There is an ongoing esports competition for the game that pits against players from around the world.

If you love FPS games particularly on PC, there you go! These top 10 best FPS games on PC promises all your anticipation in excitements and thrills. However, if you’ve gone through these games, let us know what you think.

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