Yard Bot

built by Andrew Murphy

Target Environment Locomotion Method
Outdoors, level terrain 3 Wheels
Sensors / Input Devices Actuators / Output Devices
Control Method Power Source
Autonomous Battery
CPU Type Operating System
Programming Lanuage Weight
N/A 160 lbs
Time to build Cost to build
2 months $400
URL for more information
Yard-Bot is a project I?ve envisioned for a few years now, I first came up with the idea of a radio-controlled lawn mower when I was 12, but didn?t have all the tools needed to build it. Now three years latter I have the tools and experience needed to undertake such a project. It is to be hopefully entered in the 2001 Science Fair if it gets finished, depending on money. Main Frame Frame Material: hot roll square tubing Function: contain batteries, drive components, and drive electronics Secondary Frame Frame Material: cold roll square tubing Function(s): mows the lawn Cost Budget - $400.00 Funds Expended- $300.00 Time - 2 months Specifications Weight (with out mower): 100 lbs Weight (with mower): 160 lbs Height: 20 Width: 36 Length: 48 Power Batteries: 2 12V lead acid lawn mower batteries Amp Draw: 13 Ah Voltage: 24v Email: andthat1@yahoo.com

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