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Target Environment Locomotion Method
Outdoors, all terrain Treads
Sensors / Input Devices Actuators / Output Devices
B/W camera
IR range finders
Mini-PIR sensor
75KHz ultrasonic range finder
2 540 motors for main drive
DC motor for turret
LED lights (for camera)
GSM SMS messager
Control Method Power Source
Autonomous Battery
CPU Type Operating System
Am186ER DOS-like OS
Programming Lanuage Weight
Assembly N/A
Time to build Cost to build
approx a year More than 2000 euro
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As any esteeming itself robot, it has a name: M.A.R.S. (Mobile Alarm Robotic System). It is a fully autonomous self-charging vehicle. Its main purpose: fun, education, and new algorithms design. Its secondary purpose: to guard a predefined area (currently up to 18x18 meters) in joined forces with a Base unit (on-wall user control panel with keypad, LCD, and some contact sensors like doors and windows) and, optionally, a PC, performing external video monitoring (two IR cameras + Euresys frame grabber). Once the system set-up for guarding, all the three units intercommunicate on 432 MHz without human being involved. The system raises sound/light alarm and sends calls/SMS via GSM module in case of intruder appearance in a guarded area.

The mobile part, the robot, is made based on Tamiyas Leopard 1:16 tank model. Thus, its base is very expensive but is very mechanically neat, too. Its propelled by 2 540 motors plus one smaller motor for its head (turret). The threads provide a high level of mobility in a space-limited environment, like a narrow corridor. 8 x 5000maH NiMH batteries or the external Charging Station powers the robot, depending on mode. The coupling construction on its rear allows the robot to connect itself to a charging station automatically, if needed. The motors, and power management is controlled by AT89S8252 micro controller, placed in the tanks hull, together with all the power circuitry. The robots head contains a main brain (Am186ER 48 MHz controller with 1M of RAM, 256 Flash, and 512M Flash Card) plus all the necessary interfaces to camera, rangefinders etc on the same board.

Running time on depends on mode:
1) Idle (just watching or sleeping) : up to 50 hours
2) Patroling 3 locations (goes into location, stays there for a while, and then leavs it for another location): 8 to 15 hours, depending on distnace between the locations.
3) Exploring/updating the map (nearly continues movement) - 3 to 5 hours.

Charging time: 10 hours.

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