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12 Feb 2005 (updated 12 Feb 2005 at 00:32 UTC) »

One of the projects I am starting will use embedded

solutions of application specific microcontrollers as

the main control topology. It is a four motor robot with a 2

wheel tripod base and two motors that act as arm/grippers

similar in style to what the Tomy Verbot does for picking up

stuff. It is called the Unidroid, and is a troidbot (a

robotoid construct.)

I will use a data construct model of my own ION (Input

Output Node)hardware based AFSM as a simple augmented

finite state machine and then have various AFSM's in

different network configurations for different emergent

behaviours. The networks of AFSMs will then be modeled as

data constructs within a microcontroller.

I also want to have a command interface that will allow the

user to give the troidbot commands to complete simple tasks

as limited by its sublevel behavior properties. It will be

autonomous in the sense that it should be able to avoid

objects on its own when moving to complete tasks and I would

also like it to have a default autonomous mode behavior when

it is not processing commands from the user. I would also

like to to have a learning/memory system attached to the

autonomous sub level behaviors to allow it to be able to

handle unknown situations when they happen.

Aside from that I am looking into direction determination

units using the Philips KMZ51 part. This substructure will

be used in the Unidroid in order to give it general location

instructions represented by two variables, direction to

travel and distance to travel. A vector.

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