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  • NOTES Hey hey hey! I am a BIG robot fan. I have always been into robots since I was little. I would prefer to build a explorer bot. Age = 12

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    Wow, this is great. It's been about two years since I last posted in my account. I was just reading what I have been posting. I think it's great. I haven't built anything in a while, I have been saving for a new computer. But now money isn't such a huge problem. Soon, once my computer has it's upgrades, I will save money, buy a few books about the BASIC stamp, and I will start building better robots. I realize that the robots I have been building were good for the age I was, but still, I can do better. I will keep you updated.

    I want to get the book "Applied robotics". I cant wait to find out how the robot that uses 'Fuzbol' logic works. If anyone knows please email me a schmeatic or a diagram. Thanks.

    Ps: my email is

    25 Oct 2002 (updated 25 Oct 2002 at 17:23 UTC) »

    Sadly, is screwing up. That means we ( Sparkjim,Jim_Mcneat, and I ) are going to have to move the chat room do a different server. Sparkjim's server is still up. I will tell you wich server it is later.

    Not much happening right now. I am going to build a programmable robot soon enough.. I will need a latch and two motors. It wont be too too expensive.

    Spider bot is officially FINISHED! At last! Well,only took me 3 days. I would of took a shorter time but I didnt have to much spare time. He has only 1 motor. I super glued it to some stiff wire. Spider-bot drags his too hind legs. I used a PNP and a NPN transistor to operate the motor control. A positive and negative wire would be soldered on one terminal on the motor for both terminals for the motor. That causes Spider-bot to move his legs back and forth. Spider bot is powered by a 9-volt battery. He will be added to the robomenu soon. Well,I said I wanted to build a Spider-bot and I did. Can't wait until he gets in the robomenu!

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