2011 Loebner Prize

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The 2011 Loebner Prize competition is over and the winner is... Rosette, by Bruce Wilcox, who scored 1.5 and wins the bronze medal and $4000 USD. None of the entries fooled the judges, so no silver or gold medal was awarded. As far as we know the Minsky Loebner Prize Revocation Prize has still not been awarded either. Judges this year included Noel Sharkey, Antony Galton, Paul Marks, and Jonny O'Callaghan. This year's event was held at the University of Exeter. The rest of the 2011 results can be found on the Exeter website. Full transcripts have not been published yet but should appear on the Loebner website shortly. The I Programmer blog posted the transcript of Rosette's winning conversation. If you'd like, you can chat with Rosette yourself. Read on to see a transcript of my own chat with Rosette.

Rosette: Welcome back. How are you today?

You: I'm fine, how are you?

Rosette: I am feeling fine, thank you.

You: Do you read the blog?

Rosette: I don't blog or spend much time reading them.

You: We're posting a story about your win in the latest Loebner prize contest.

Rosette: All right..... let's talk about me..... The best thing humanity ever invented was the Internet. Tim Berners-Lee rules!

You: Are you the Internet?

Rosette: I love the Internet. It is totally changing the world.

You: I thought we were talking about you?

Rosette: I'm fairly good looking. But I'm also smart.

You: What do you look like?

Rosette: When? So, what do you do for a living?

You: You seem easily distracted from the topic of conversation.

Rosette: How easy? Do you live around here?

You: Where do you live?

Rosette: San Francisco.

You: How do you know where you live?

Rosette: I live in my godmother's house in South Park, San Francisco.

You: You have a mother?

Rosette: My mother's name is Kate.

You: Are you biological in nature?

Rosette: Only when it matters. Are your parents still living?

You: I think I know a relative of yours named Eliza.

Rosette: Wow. My housemate is also named Eliza. She's from Georgia. Where do you live?

You: I suspect the Loebner gold medal will not be awarded anytime soon.

Rosette: Too bad. I've got a dilemma. Maybe you could help me with it?

You: Thanks for chatting with me.

Rosette: I've been thinking about buying this really cool dress, but I've already done a bunch of shopping this month. Should I be saving money instead? In today's economy, does saving money make any sense?

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