Instagram Threads To Introduce Trends Feature, Confirms Instagram Head Adam Mosseri


Instagram head Adam Mosseri has confirmed that the company is working on introducing a new feature called Trends to its Threads app. This move is aimed at enhancing the app’s competitiveness by providing access to real-time news and information, making it a more engaging platform for users.

Key Takeaway

Instagram Threads is set to introduce a Trends feature, as confirmed by Instagram head Adam Mosseri. This new addition aims to enhance the app’s competitiveness and provide users with a fresh way to discover popular and relevant discussions.

Addressing User Concerns

Threads has faced criticism for its “For You” algorithm, which has been accused of prioritizing creators and posts from accounts that users don’t follow or care about. Additionally, the app has been criticized for displaying older posts, giving it a stagnant feel. Users have also expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of content recommended by the app, prompting the company to address these issues.

Benefits of the Trends Feature

The introduction of the Trends feature is expected to address some of the existing concerns with Threads. By surfacing popular topics and discussions, the feature will offer users a new way to discover relevant and interesting conversations, potentially improving the overall user experience.

Previous Reports and Potential Challenges

Last October, it was reported that Threads was working on implementing the Trends feature, following the accidental release of a screenshot by an Instagram employee. The leaked image revealed a numbered list of trending topics and the number of active discussions for each item. However, concerns have been raised about the potential challenges associated with algorithmically curated trends, including the risk of misuse by bad actors and spammers.

Anticipated Launch and Renaming

While Mosseri did not provide a specific launch date for the Trends feature, a screenshot shared by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi indicated that the feature had been renamed as “Today’s Topics.” The exact appearance and functionality of Trends upon its public release remain unclear.

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