Meta Begins Testing In-App Camera Shortcut And Drafts In Threads App


Meta has announced the commencement of testing for two highly requested features in its Threads app: drafts and an in-app camera shortcut. According to Instagram head Adam Mosseri, these features are currently being made available to a limited number of users.

Key Takeaway

Meta has initiated testing for drafts and an in-app camera shortcut in the Threads app, aiming to enhance user experience and engagement on the platform.

Drafts Feature

Users who have access to the draft feature can save a single post. This means that they can compose a post they intend to publish later and save it as a draft by swiping down within the composer. Notably, the Threads app displays a distinct composer icon in the bottom bar to indicate the presence of an unsent draft.

In-App Camera Shortcut

Mark Zuckerberg recently utilized the new camera shortcut within the Threads app to share a photo. This shortcut provides a convenient way to swiftly post a photo to Threads. However, it remains uncertain whether this shortcut includes basic editing functions such as image cropping.

Platform Expansion

With over 130 million active users, Threads is striving to enhance user engagement by introducing new tools. In addition to the latest features, the company has also introduced trending topics and is currently testing cross-posting functions from Facebook.

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