New Option In Threads Lets Users Opt Out Of Sharing Posts On Facebook And Instagram


In response to user feedback, Instagram’s Threads has added a new privacy option that allows users to turn off the automatic sharing of their Threads posts to other apps, including Instagram and Facebook. This comes after many Threads users expressed their frustration at being automatically opted in to have their posts shared externally.

Key Takeaway

Instagram’s Threads now allows users to disable the automatic sharing of their posts to other apps, such as Instagram and Facebook.

User Concerns

Threads users were particularly unhappy with the default setting of having their posts automatically shared on external platforms. The issue stemmed from the fact that their audience on Threads was different from their audience on Facebook and Instagram, with many users wanting to keep their posts separate and limited to their Threads connections. Some users even threatened to leave Threads if their posts reached their family on Facebook, as they strongly demanded to maintain a separation between the two.

Furthermore, users also raised concerns about the quality of the suggested Threads that appeared on other Meta-owned apps. Many felt that these suggestions were designed solely to generate comments, often lacking context and resembling clickbait content.

Meta’s Response

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, acknowledged the user feedback and introduced a new privacy option to address the concerns. Users can now navigate to the Privacy settings within Threads and toggle off the sharing of their posts to Instagram and Facebook individually.

However, it’s important to note that the sharing feature remains opt-out, meaning users are automatically enrolled unless they choose to disable it. This approach aligns with Meta’s growth strategy and commitment to leveraging its billions of users across its various apps to drive engagement and growth.

Threads’ Initial Success

When Threads was initially launched, it quickly gained popularity by capitalizing on its built-in Instagram audience. The app suggested friends when someone they knew joined Threads and automatically followed people already connected on Instagram. As a result, Threads became the fastest app to reach 150 million downloads, achieving this milestone in a matter of days. While there were reports of a decline in its popularity since its July launch, Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, stated that Threads had amassed nearly 100 million monthly users within three months of its release.

With the addition of the new privacy option, Threads aims to address user concerns and potentially regain the trust of its users who were dissatisfied with the automatic sharing of posts to other apps. By giving users control over their sharing preferences, Meta hopes to ensure a more personalized and tailored experience on Threads.

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