Threads Introduces Bookmarking Feature For Saving Favorite Posts


Threads, the Instagram app that functions similarly to Twitter, has recently unveiled a new feature that allows users to bookmark and save their favorite posts. This addition comes on the heels of several other recent launches, including trending topics, an in-app camera, and drafts. The bookmarking feature provides a more private alternative to the public “like” (heart icon) for saving posts for future reference.

Key Takeaway

Threads, the Instagram app, has introduced a new bookmarking feature, allowing users to save and organize their favorite posts for future reference. This feature provides a more private alternative to the public “like” and is being gradually rolled out to users over time.

Convenient Bookmarking

Former users of a similar platform have found bookmarking to be a popular and useful tool for curating a collection of links and posts. This feature enables users to save articles or important information for later retrieval. On another platform, paid subscribers can even organize their bookmarks into folders for easier access.

While the bookmarking icon is easily accessible on the other platform, Threads’ new feature is slightly more concealed. Users will need to tap on the three-dot menu to access the “Save” option, rather than being able to save a post directly from the main timeline. To revisit saved posts, users will need to navigate to the app’s Settings screen.

Gradual Rollout

It’s important to note that not all Threads users will immediately have access to this feature, as Instagram is gradually rolling out new features over time. This staggered approach is typical for Threads, which has fewer engineering resources compared to the rest of Meta. With approximately 130 million monthly active users, Threads remains a substantial app in its own right.

Additional Features

Aside from the bookmarking feature, Threads users have also reported receiving notifications from Threads and Facebook within their Instagram notifications. Furthermore, Threads has been testing a cross-posting feature from Facebook to Threads as part of its efforts to expand its user base.

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