Threads’ Growth Hack: Posts On Facebook Boost Engagement On The Platform


Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is continuously innovating and introducing new features to its social media platforms. Recently, it has come to light that Meta is deploying a new growth hack to boost engagement on Threads, its messaging app. This new strategy involves showing posts from Threads on Facebook.

Key Takeaway

Meta has implemented a growth hack to increase engagement on its messaging app Threads by displaying Threads’ posts on Facebook. This cross-promotion strategy aims to attract Facebook users to the content and conversations happening on Threads. Meta has been actively introducing new features and improvements to Threads in recent months, striving to enhance the user experience and compete with similar platforms in the market.

Users have reported seeing a new “For You on Threads” carousel at the top of their Facebook News Feed. This feature aims to bring the attention of Facebook users to the content and conversations happening on Threads.

The tactic of cross-promoting Threads on Facebook is not entirely new for Meta. In August, a similar carousel feature was introduced on Instagram. However, Meta has not disclosed whether this strategy has made a significant impact on Threads’ user engagement.

We have reached out to Meta for a comment on this new growth hack and will provide an update if we hear back from them.

Meta’s Ongoing Efforts to Enhance Threads

Over the past 30 days, Threads has introduced several new features to improve the user experience. These include a free edit button, enhanced account switching capabilities, and the upcoming launch of a “Trending Topics” feature. In addition, Meta plans to enable separate account deletion for Threads by December, allowing users to permanently delete their accounts instead of just deactivating them, as is currently possible.

Threads is often compared to X, a social media platform owned by Elon Musk. X offers a premium subscription costing $8 per month, which provides benefits such as an edit button. In an effort to reduce spam and bots on the platform, X has also begun experimenting with a $1 per year fee for new accounts in certain regions.

While Threads offers its features for free, it does have certain limitations. Following news on the platform can be challenging, as not all news sources post breaking news on Threads. Additionally, Instagram head Adam Mosseri has stated that the social network will not prioritize news content on the platform. However, Mosseri has announced that the search block on “Covid” and related terms will be lifted in the coming weeks.

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