Threads Introduces Hashtags Without The Hash Symbol Globally


Social networking platform, Threads, is making waves with its latest update as it rolls out tags, without the need for the traditional hash symbol, on its platform. This new feature allows users to tag posts with a single topic to prevent tag spam. The tag feature was initially tested in Australia last month and has now been launched worldwide.

Key Takeaway

Threads has introduced tags without the hash symbol globally, allowing users to tag posts with a single topic. This new feature aims to enhance user experience and prevent tag spam.

Enhancing User Experience

Unlike traditional hashtags, Threads allows users to use phrases with spaces and special characters as tags. By clicking on a tag in a post, users can view all posts related to that specific tag in the search view. The search bar can also be used to look at all posts with a specific tag. However, it’s worth noting that there may be posts containing the tag phrase that do not use the tag. Users still have the option to manually add hashtags to their posts in the composer.

Reducing Engagement Hacking

In a recent post, Instagram head Adam Mosseri expressed hopes that this new tagging design will lead to a decrease in engagement hacking. The absence of a trending section in the Threads app means that users won’t see trending tags. However, users will be presented with popular tags when they tap on the tag button, making it easier to add relevant tags to their posts.

Addressing Sensitivity Issues

If users come across tags that they deem insensitive, they have the option to report the topic. Reporting categories include spam, bullying or harassment, scam or fraud, eating disorders, and hate speech and symbols. Some users have reported receiving warnings about sensitive tags, which suggests that Threads is taking action based on previous reports. The threshold for when the platform activates the pop-up for sensitive tags remains unclear.

Improving Discoverability

However, it seems that there is a minor challenge with similar hashtags being populated. With the one-tag-per-post limit, posts might not reach the desired audience searching for a different tag. For example, there are currently multiple tags related to the NBA, including NBAThread, NBA Threads, and NBA. This issue might impact the discoverability of certain posts.

Ongoing Updates and Expansions

Last month, Threads expanded its search feature to cover “all languages” in all countries where the app is available. The platform is also set to launch in the EU to comply with regional regulations. Additionally, app analytics firm Apptopia reported that Threads’ daily downloads have rebounded after a decline in recent months, indicating a positive trend for the platform.

With the introduction of tags without the hash symbol, Threads aims to enhance the user experience, prevent tag spam, and address sensitivity issues. These updates, along with ongoing improvements and expansions, will likely contribute to the platform’s continued growth and popularity.

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