Trove AI Revolutionizes Surveys With The Power Of AI


Surveys have become an integral part of many aspects of our lives, providing valuable feedback and insights. However, the traditional survey format often lacks engagement and empathy, resulting in ineffective responses. Recognizing this opportunity for improvement, software engineers Dinghan Shen and Yuan Xue have launched Trove AI, a SaaS platform that aims to make surveys fun and engaging once again.

Key Takeaway

Trove AI, backed by Cresta founders, Dinghan Shen and Yuan Xue, is revolutionizing surveys with its conversational approach powered by GPT-4. By making surveys more engaging and empathetic, Trove AI aims to improve response rates and generate valuable insights. With its holistic experience management platform, Trove AI aims to redefine the way companies of all sizes gather and utilize feedback.

Empowering Conversational Surveys with AI

Trove AI leverages the breakthroughs brought by large language models, particularly GPT-4, to create conversational surveys. With their own fine-tuned models, Shen and Xue have developed a platform that goes beyond the mundane question-and-answer format. By making surveys more empathetic and engaging, Trove AI aims to improve response rates and generate more valuable insights.

Recognizing the potential of Trove AI, Zayd Enam and Tim Shi, co-founders of Cresta, a successful AI-powered contact center platform, have invested in the startup’s pre-seed funding. This endorsement from industry experts underscores the promise and potential of Trove AI in revolutionizing the survey industry.

Early Success and Global Reach

In just six weeks since its launch, Trove AI has already gained over 1,000 users, primarily consisting of small and medium-sized businesses from around the world. Notable users include a London-based spa, a K-12 school in Boston, and a travel agency focused on Latin America. With dozens of users already sending surveys multiple times, Trove AI’s conversational approach is proving to be a hit among businesses of various industries.

Beyond Surveys: A Holistic Experience Management Platform

While applying conversational AI to surveys is an obvious choice in today’s AI-driven landscape, Trove AI has bigger aspirations. The platform aims to evolve into a comprehensive “customer and employee experience management platform” for companies of all sizes. By offering features such as survey creation, response analytics, ticket creation, and CRM integration, Trove AI provides a complete solution for managing customer and employee experiences.

By incorporating CRM integration, Trove AI enables highly customized surveys. The system can automatically create tickets based on survey responses and send personalized follow-up emails to express gratitude to customers for their feedback. This seamless integration enhances the user experience and streamlines feedback management.

Looking Ahead: Redefining Experience Management with AI

Trove AI sees itself as 80% SaaS and 20% AI, emphasizing the additional value it offers beyond the powerful features powered by OpenAI. The platform aims to revolutionize experience management workflows, leveraging the capabilities of large language models available today. By reimagining the survey experience and integrating AI in every step of the process, Trove AI is poised to transform the way businesses gather and utilize feedback.

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