New Instagram Feature: Carousel Of Suggested Threads To Boost Engagement


Meta, the parent company of Instagram, is continuously experimenting with new features to increase engagement on Threads. After a decline in usage following its initial launch, the company is now testing a carousel of suggested Threads posts within the Instagram app.

Enhanced Integration: Threads in the Instagram App

Instagram users worldwide have noticed a new “For you on Threads” carousel, accompanied by a button that allows users to open the Threads app directly on their phones. This integration aims to seamlessly connect users between Instagram and Threads, promoting greater activity on the Threads platform.

Key Takeaway

Meta’s latest test shows the company’s commitment to improving engagement on Threads by integrating it within the popular Instagram app.

This recent update follows Meta’s previous introduction of a “Send to Instagram DM” button in Threads, allowing users to easily share posts with their friends on Instagram.

Additionally, Meta recently launched a web version of Threads, targeting frequent posters and encouraging them to be more active from their desktop devices. However, early data suggests that this move has not yet attracted a significant number of new users. Existing users may have switched from the mobile app to the desktop version, resulting in a dip in active app users.

In a company town hall meeting, Meta’s Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox, acknowledged the falling numbers on Threads and shared plans to implement “retention-driving hooks.” These hooks include ensuring that important Threads posts are visible to users on the Instagram app. The new carousel on Instagram can be seen as a part of this strategy.

Furthermore, Meta has begun testing a search feature on Threads in Australia and New Zealand, with plans to roll it out to English-speaking countries in the near future. This feature aims to enhance user experience by allowing individuals to search for specific posts within the Threads platform.

Meta’s spokesperson confirmed the test of the suggested Threads carousel, stating that they are making it easier for people to access the latest content from Threads directly on Instagram.

As Meta continues to experiment with new features and integrations, the company hopes to revitalize engagement on Threads and provide users with a seamless and cohesive experience across Instagram and Threads.

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