Spreads: The New App For Posting Full-Screen Panoramic Photos To Instagram Threads


Introducing Spreads, a new photo layout app designed specifically for Instagram Threads users who want to share their full-screen panoramic photos. Developed by Ryan Carver, the creator of the popular Series app, Spreads is a simplified version that caters specifically to Threads users and their demand for photo tools.

Carver’s inspiration to create new features for the Series app came after witnessing the possibilities that Threads introduced for sharing full-screen panoramic photos on Instagram’s Twitter/X competitor. Photographers started experimenting with different aspect ratios and splitting up their photos on Threads, leading Carver to realize the need for a dedicated tool. Thus, he quickly added the TH+ feature to meet the demands of Threads users, which gained significant popularity and even caught the attention of Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth (@boztank).

Key Takeaway

Spreads is a new photo layout app developed by Ryan Carver specifically for Instagram Threads users who want to share full-screen panoramic photos.

However, TH+ was just a part of the Series app, which possesses a more extensive range of capabilities such as designing layouts for Instagram carousels and other social media platforms like TikTok. Series allows users to combine photos and videos, utilize margin and edge controls, create layered backgrounds, and tell stories using Diptychs and Triptychs. It also offers the option to post carousels, among many other features.

In contrast, Spreads focuses solely on the features desired by Threads users. Carver refers to it as a “mini app” that is “simpler than Series.” Its purpose is to provide a user-friendly way to create panoramic photos for Threads. Carver stated, “I created Spreads to be the easiest way to create panos for Threads. Series continues to be the best app for all kinds of layouts, but it’s overkill for many people. Instead of complicating Series with more options, I decided to create something that works for a lot more people in both features and price. If you’re already using Series, great! It’ll continue to evolve to do everything Spreads can do.”

With Spreads, users can effortlessly create seamless, full-screen panoramic photos consisting of two to ten panels with just a few taps. Unlike the subscription-based Series app, Spreads is available as a one-time purchase of $2.99 on the App Store.

Enhancing Your Instagram Threads Experience with Spreads

If you’re an avid Instagram Threads user, Spreads is the perfect companion app for you. Its intuitive interface and dedicated features cater specifically to the needs of Threads users who want to share stunning full-screen panoramic photos. With Spreads, you can effortlessly create and post your panoramic photos in just a few taps, enhancing your Instagram Threads experience.

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to showcase your works or simply want to share breathtaking moments with your friends, Spreads provides the ideal solution. Its simplicity and affordability make it an excellent choice for Threads users who want a focused and efficient tool for sharing their panos.

So why wait? Grab Spreads from the App Store today and unlock a new level of creativity and convenience for your Instagram Threads journey.

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