Google Photos Introduces Cross-Device Sync For Locked Folder, Enhances Settings Page


Google Photos has announced a new feature that allows users to sync their private photos stored in the Locked Folder across multiple devices. The Locked Folder, which was introduced in May 2021, provides users with a secure space to store their private photos protected by a passcode. Previously, these photos were locked on a single device, typically an Android phone. However, with the latest update, users can now access their locked photos from any device through cloud backup.

In addition to syncing photos across devices, Google has expanded the availability of Locked Folder. Previously exclusive to Android users, iOS users and web users can now also set up a Locked Folder on their devices. This move aims to provide a consistent experience for all Google Photos users, regardless of their platform.

It’s worth noting that users have the option to enable or disable backup for the Locked Folder. By keeping backup toggled off, the content of the Locked Folder will remain exclusive to the device on which they are stored.

This update does not affect how the Locked Folder functions in terms of privacy. Private photos and videos stored in the Locked Folder will not appear in the grid view, Memories, albums, or show up in search results within Google Photos.

The introduction of cross-device sync for the Locked Folder follows the recent addition of the Memories feature, which utilizes AI to create scrapbook-like collections of photos. However, users are still eagerly awaiting the release of the AI-powered Magic Editor, which was announced earlier this year at Google’s developer conference.

Alongside the Locked Folder changes, Google has also redesigned the Settings page in the Google Photos app. The new layout aims to provide easier navigation to various sections related to privacy, backup, sharing, and notifications.

The enhanced Settings page is now available on both iOS and Android devices, while the Locked Folder sync feature will be rolled out gradually starting today.

Key Takeaway

Google Photos is now allowing users to sync their private photos stored in the Locked Folder across multiple devices through cloud backup. The Locked Folder, which was previously exclusive to Android users, can now be accessed on iOS devices and the web as well. Users have the flexibility to enable or disable backup for the Locked Folder, ensuring the privacy of their personal photos. This update is accompanied by a redesigned Settings page for easier navigation.

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