TeamSense Revolutionizes Communication For Deskless Workers In Manufacturing


Deskless workers comprise a significant portion of the global workforce, constituting about 70% to 80% of employees. However, connecting and communicating with these workers has been a challenge, as they often spend the majority of their time away from computers. In a breakthrough solution, TeamSense has unveiled an app-free platform specifically tailored to the needs of hourly employees in the manufacturing sector. This groundbreaking platform enables workers to manage attendance, communicate with managers, and access company resources effortlessly through simple SMS technology.

Key Takeaway

TeamSense introduces an app-free platform that allows deskless workers in manufacturing to efficiently manage attendance, communicate with managers, and access company resources through SMS technology.

Introducing the Innovative TeamSense Platform

TeamSense, headquartered in Seattle, has recently secured $4 million in funding, led by Bonfire Ventures with support from Operator Collective. Founded in 2020 during the onset of the pandemic, TeamSense was born out of the insights of CEO and co-founder Sheila Stafford, who has a strong background in the manufacturing sector.

Recognizing the challenges faced by hourly manufacturing and logistics employees during the pandemic, Stafford had three key insights. Firstly, she realized the importance of getting these employees back to work, as certain tasks cannot be performed remotely. Secondly, traditional channels of communication were no longer accessible due to social distancing measures. Lastly, most workers did not have access to company phones or email addresses, making it difficult to implement traditional workplace solutions.

In response to these insights, TeamSense was developed as a text and mobile web-based solution, eliminating the need for workers to download an app on their personal devices. By utilizing communication through SMS and mobile websites, TeamSense overcomes the limitations posed by personal devices and provides an efficient and user-friendly platform.

The Benefits and Features of TeamSense

TeamSense offers an array of features aimed at streamlining communication and enhancing productivity for deskless workers in manufacturing. One of its flagship features is the Absence Management system, which boasts a remarkable 100% adoption rate. This system simplifies the process of calling out of work and ensures that manufacturing companies have accurate employee numbers.

Additionally, the platform provides various communication tools, engagement and pulse surveys, an employee portal with access to internal resources, and a “text to apply” feature for job applicants. Workers can utilize SMS texts to call off from work, participate in engagement surveys, volunteer for overtime, provide suggestions, submit maintenance requests, receive vital information such as plant closures or benefits enrollments, and access important documents like employee handbooks and company news.

TeamSense leverages AI technology to understand employee texts and intentions, such as identifying call-out requests when employees mention not feeling well or experiencing discomfort. This intelligent design streamlines processes and ensures efficient communication between workers and management.

Driving User Acquisition and Future Growth

TeamSense has experienced significant user acquisition, with its call-out system playing a pivotal role in attracting manufacturing companies. By providing a solution to attendance management, TeamSense becomes an indispensable tool for leaders at manufacturing sites.

To further maximize its impact, TeamSense differentiates itself by focusing on establishing digital connections with workers, as opposed to traditional call center services. This emphasis on digital connectivity sets TeamSense apart from its competition and enhances its value proposition.

The recent $4 million in funding will enable TeamSense to expand its development and go-to-market teams. With a growing customer base and a commitment to improving productivity through innovative use cases, TeamSense is poised to revolutionize communication for deskless workers in the manufacturing sector.

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