Threads’ Web Launch Falls Short Of Expectations, Data Shows


Last week, Instagram Threads unveiled its long-awaited web version in response to user demand. However, new data suggests that the web launch may not have had a significant impact on the app’s usage. According to digital intelligence firm Similarweb, the increase in website traffic for Threads was modest, with a 20% bump in the United States and only a 3% increase worldwide. While these numbers indicate some level of engagement, it is uncertain if this can be attributed to new users or merely switchers migrating from the native mobile app to the web.

Declining Usage Since Launch

Since its explosive debut, Threads has experienced a decline in user activity. Sensor Tower, a mobile intelligence firm, reported an 82% drop in daily active users since the app’s launch, leaving just 8 million users accessing the app on a daily basis. The introduction of the web app was an opportunity for Threads to reverse this trend and provide users with a more convenient desktop experience.

Key Takeaway

The launch of Threads’ web app failed to attract new users or entice lapsed ones to return, as the increase in website traffic was likely due to existing users transitioning from the mobile app to the web interface.

Similarweb’s data further supports the notion that the web launch primarily served Threads’ existing user base. Although the gain in website visitors in the U.S. outweighed the decrease in active app users, the overlap between these two figures remains uncertain. Additionally, the Android data shows a decline in daily active users globally by 15% and 2.4% in the U.S. during the same period. This suggests that the web launch mainly resulted in users switching from the app to the web, rather than attracting new users or prompting the return of lapsed ones.

While Threads announced its testing of search functionality in Australia and New Zealand, a sought-after feature that could enhance the app’s usability compared to its competitor, X (formerly Twitter), it remains to be seen if this will be enough to regain users or attract new ones. X continues to dominate the text-first social networking realm, serving as a hub for breaking news and trending topics. Replicating these features is no easy task for Threads, as they contribute to X’s status as a real-time news network and global conversation platform.

The success of Threads depends not only on fulfilling user demands but also on attracting influential users who shape and share news. Many active X users have remained loyal or migrated to alternative networks such as Bluesky, Mastodon, T2, Spill, and Post. Transitioning away from X proves challenging for long-time users who maintain their social connections on the platform. Therefore, Threads must go beyond building features similar to X and develop strategies to convince people to switch and remain loyal to its platform.

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