Instagram Head Announces Development Of Threads API


Instagram head Adam Mosseri has confirmed that the platform is currently working on developing a Threads API. This new API will enable developers to create different applications and experiences around Threads, further expanding the capabilities of the platform.

Key Takeaway

Instagram head Adam Mosseri has confirmed that a Threads API is being developed to allow developers to create diverse applications and experiences on the platform. While concerned about an overload of publisher content, Mosseri recognizes the importance of providing tools for creators. Opening up the Threads API will foster a healthy app ecosystem and potentially lead to integration with the Fediverse.

Mosseri Responds to TweetDeck-like Experience Request

During a conversation with journalist Casey Newton, a user suggested the idea of a TweetDeck-like experience for Threads. Mosseri expressed his concerns about publishers flooding the platform with excessive content, potentially overshadowing creator-generated content.

In response to the suggestion, Mosseri stated, “We’re working on it. My concern is that it’ll mean a lot more publisher content and not much more creator content, but it still seems like something we need to get done.”

API Integration Addresses Publisher Challenges

Historically, news publications have relied on third-party tools and social network integrations to automatically post their content on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. However, the lack of APIs on emerging platforms like Threads has forced publishers to manually post content, which is not ideal, especially for organizations that produce multiple articles per day.

While Mosseri acknowledges the challenges of excessive publisher content, he also recognizes the need for creators to have access to different tools that support various content formats. By providing an API integration, developers will be able to create features that cater to the platform’s user base more effectively.

Opening Up Threads API for App Ecosystem

Similar to other social networks such as Twitter and Reddit, which have limited third-party development, Threads has the opportunity to foster a healthy app ecosystem by opening up its API. Although rival networks like Bluesky and Mastodon already have some third-party clients, they do not have the same user base as Threads.

Meta recently revealed that Threads currently has nearly 100 million monthly active users. While an API and third-party app ecosystem may not directly contribute to user growth, it will provide users with alternative ways to explore the platform. The Threads team has been consistently shipping new features since its launch, and an open API ecosystem will enable developers to meet the demands of users seeking a variety of features.

Furthermore, Meta and Mosseri have expressed their intention to integrate Threads with the Fediverse, a network of interconnected social platforms. Therefore, establishing an open ecosystem with a well-maintained API is a crucial step towards achieving this goal.

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