built by David Cook

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Target Environment Locomotion Method
Indoors 2 Wheels
Sensors / Input Devices Actuators / Output Devices
IR modulated object detectors
floor edge detectors
4 x 20 LCD
Control Method Power Source
Autonomous Battery
CPU Type Operating System
Motorola MC68HC908GP32 running at 8 MHz None
Programming Lanuage Weight
Assembly 493 grams
Time to build Cost to build
three calendar months $200
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Bugdozer is a miniature sumo robot designed to push an opponent out of a 5-foot diameter ring. In the central Illinois competition, miniature sumo robots are limited to 10 cm width by 10 cm depth and a mass of no more than 500 grams. Bugdozer features: - Soft, hollow, rubber tires - Aluminum scoop and body - Motorola 68HC08 microcontroller - Two infrared modulated object detectors - Four front and one rear floor edge detectors - 4-line by 20-character LCD for debugging It took three calendar months (evenings and weekends) to design and build. Much of that time was spent learning metalworking skills and redesigning body shapes based on prototype failures. Problems encountered include: - Building round wheels (Don't! Use off-the-shelf products) - Using up too much weight in motors thus skimping on structural integrity - Spurious object detection due to electrical noise Cost: $ 8 68HC08 $30 motors $20 tires, hubs, gears, and underbody Lego pieces $20 emitters and detectors $20 rechargeable batteries $ 7 perfboard $10 nuts and bolts (literally) $ 5 switches $10 MOSFET $10 capacitors, resistors, potentiometers, transistors $15 aluminum $10 connectors $ 7 LCD $10 wires, solder, paint, glue, rubber bands, aluminum foil, latex glue, Velcro The total is around $200. The price doesn't include all of the tools (drill press, tap and die, 68HC08 programmer board), rejected parts, and spare parts. The cost easily rises to ten times ($2000) if those costs are taken into account. Adding the cost of my time increases the figure further still. The enjoyment I received makes the whole project worthwhile. Email: david@robotroom.com

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