built by Le Trung

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Target Environment Locomotion Method
Indoors 2 Legs
Sensors / Input Devices Actuators / Output Devices
3CCD camera
1CCD cameras x 2
IR sensor
touch sensor
pressure sensor
force and vibration sensors
temperature sensor
gyro x 2
3-axis accelerometer x 2
DC motors (30 DOF)
Control Method Power Source
Autonomous Tethered AC supply
CPU Type Operating System
RCB3 on C7 mainboard Bio Robot AI Neural System (BRAINS)
Programming Lanuage Weight
BASIC and C 37 Kg
Time to build Cost to build
N/A 20K
URL for more information
Aiko has the ability to talk to you just the same as a normal conversation with any other human, including the ability to learn new things from conversation (13,000+ sentences). Aiko can read any books, newspaper including your handwriting. Has the ability to solve math problems given from any piece of papers. Aiko has the ability to see color pattern of your clothes you are wearing. Aiko has the ability to bring you your orange juice or coffee, another words Aiko can distinguish between the two drinks. She can also recognize simple foods such as Hot Dogs, Hamburger and Sandwich. Aiko has the ability to recognize family member faces, or Aiko can starts to activate defence mode when it does not recognize the person face in the house. Aiko has the ability to move around the surrounding, including push-up, and sit-up just as a human. How advance is Aiko; when you are about to go outside, Aiko can tell you to bring an umbrella when it rains or wears warmer clothes when it is windy.

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