Robot Gallery

Welcome to the Robomenu, a place where robot builders show off their latest creations. For over five years the robomenu has been the definitive online showcase for robots. Feel free to browse through this gallery of robots. If you have a robot of your own you'd like to add, you're welcome to do so. Users of can create or edit their own entries in the database anytime. If you're not interested in becoming a member of but would still like to have your robot displayed here, we'd be happy to add it - just let us know!


Everyone likes a few good statistics, so here are the robomenu stats:
Total Number of Robots446
Means of locomotion 
3 Wheels95
2 Wheels94
4 Wheels70
6 Legs34
2 Legs24
4 Legs23
6 Wheels9
Fin movement2
8 Legs2
3 Legs2
24 legs1
2 wheels, 1 spindledrive1
4 ILON/MECANUM Omni-directional wheels1
12 powered whegs1
1 Leg1
16 Wheels1
680mm rotor blades1
13 wheels!1
Crawls on single leg1
4 Rollers1


The Robot Gallery started out life as Roger Arrick's Robomenu, originally created by around 1995 to provide a place on the web for robot builders to display their creations. The name was derived from the implementation, which was a simple web page in which each menu item was a link to a different robot.

In 2001, when we launched the site, we decided to move the robomenu here from Arrick Robotics. A mirror of the site is still available at the old location along with quite a few other goodies like Trilobots and the ARobot.

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